Whether you are an acrylic nail lover or have gotten acrylic nails for the first time, you must have noticed one thing: your nails seem to grow faster with acrylics.

On average, human nails grow at a rate of 1/8” a month regardless they have artificial nails such as acrylics or not. These layers of strong, more durable acrylics on top of the natural nails protect them from daily wear and tear and do not make them grow any faster. However, they create a false impression that nails grow faster with acrylics.

We all know how acrylics can make your hands look gorgeous and groomed, but acrylics can also act as a protective barrier or shield while your natural nails continue to grow.

Is getting acrylics helps my nails grow?

Any nail service, be it hard gels, gel polish, dip systems like SNS or acrylics, can only keep the growth of your nails from being worn out. What happens is that the added layer of a tough product applied on top of the natural nails will give them additional strength and thickness so that breakage or wearing out is avoided.

However, once you stop maintaining your acrylics or remove them from your natural nails, they are again subject to wear and tear from normal, daily usage of hands and fingers, like typing or being rubbed against other hard surfaces.

If your nails are weak and have a tendency to break, they will.

Can your nails be too short for acrylics?

The answer to this question is no. Your nails do not have to be long for an acrylic application. Even if you have bitten nails that are too short, that’s not a problem either. You can get acrylic nails even if your nails are short.

However, putting acrylics on very short nails should be done by a very experienced nail tech and should not be performed at home.

Acrylics on very short nails will fall off prematurely if the application is not done properly. Acrylic nails on short nails will also require more frequent care.

The average in between fill for acrylics is two weeks. People with short nails with acrylics will have to go back for fill-ins in 10 days to prevent premature breakage.

Can you shorten your acrylic nails?

If your acrylic nails have grown longer or your acrylics are too long for your liking, there are two ways you can go about it.

If you must shorten your acrylic nail yourself at home: you should do it using the coarse side of an emery board. It will take a while to do all ten nails because acrylics are harder than natural nails. After you shorten them, you will end up with thicker acrylic nails at the tips.

Note: put a piece of paper towel or an old towel under your hands while you are filing your acrylic nails shorter. They will catch all the acrylic nail dust that will make cleaning easier.

However, clipping is not recommended. Nail clippers should not be used on artificial nails. If you are trying to clip your acrylic nails, you might crack them, and ruin the nail shapes.

You might see your nail tech shorten your acrylic nails using a pair of nail clippers. She can do that because she doing it with two hands and she knows how to clip them, and you do not.

Next time when you come back for your acrylic fill, pay close attention to how your nail tech clips your acrylics. You will know why.

The best way to shorten your acrylic nails is to go back to your nail tech and have her shortened for them for you: she might have to do more than just shortening your acrylic nails since the tips are thicker and the polish seal around the tips is no longer there. To properly shorten acrylic nails, she also has to make the tips thinner, lightly buff the sharp edges, and put the seal back on using a topcoat.

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