You will get what you want if your nail tech knows what she will be doing.

Getting your nails done at a nail salon and get the result you like some time is a hit-or-miss outcome, especially if you are a new customer.

A patron needs to let the nail technician know what she wants so that the nail tech knows and there will be no misunderstanding or wrong presumption. When a capable nail technician knows what her customer wants, the patron will get the nail service she expects the nail technician more likely to make that customer a regular.

Any nail service is very personal in the sense that a nail technician and a customer sitting across from each other at a narrow nail table and the nail technician will have to hold the customer’s hands.

Also, a nail technician serves many customers in a day so chances are you could be just another customer. To make yourself stand out and make your nail technician pays attention to you and what you want, you need to actively involved during the process.

Any nail tech who went to school to be a manicurist will learn at the beginning of the course about client consultation. Many will take it to heart and apply this helpful step to know what to do for the customer and also let the customer know what to expect what she will get.

However, not all nail technician does this step well. Therefore, if you want to get what you want, you need to tell your nail technician what you want in advance to eliminate any misunderstanding or wrong assumption along the way. You should know Some simple ways to make your gel manicure look better at homeOpens in a new tab..

How to tell a nail technician what you want

You should know how to convey your requests to your nail technician in a friendly way. Like a lot of people, your nail technician does not want to be told what to do. As soon as she feels her customer is a bossy one, she puts her guard up and her creativity turned off. In a nail service, skills and creativity work together to produce a great set of nails.

If this happens, no matter how simple a manicure is, a nail technician will try to finish her job quickly if she feels her customer is a demanding and bossy one.

When you try to tell your nail technician what you want, do use a friendly tone. it will go a long way in making your nail tech going out of her way trying to please you.

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When to tell a nail technician what you want

Unless you go to nail salon often and you already have your favorite nail tech, you should let your nail technician know all about your preferences, questions and concerns about the nail service that you come for. This way, your nail tech will know what you want and she has a good understanding of how to do it before she starts her service.

If it is hard for you to remember all the things you need to tell your nail tech, write them down on a piece of paper and take it out at your nail appointment so you will not forget anything important to you like the length, shapes, etc.

Do pay a little attention to what she is doing. If anything looks like it will go down in a wrong path as far as your expectation, let her know and she will stop. Do not wait until she finishes the whole thing and tells her that you do not like them, it will be too late redo and is she does, you will have to sit there twice as long.

Having said that, do it with discreet. No nail tech wants a helicopter patron as her customer.

Why tell a nail technician what you want

A good nail technician will appreciate the fact that you tell her what you like and do not like before she starts working on your nails. It will avoid any misunderstanding and you will be sure to get what you want.

Do not ask a nail technician for the impossible

Some people see a lot of pretty nail pictures on the internet. These are the creations of various nail technicians or enthusiast. Normally these results take a long time to create and some special skill set that your nail technician might not know yet. Remember, nail service is as much about skills as creativity.

If you see something you like on the internet and want to have it on your nail, unless your nail technician is the person who created it, it is better that you will be happy with something similar that your nail tech can produce.

If you do a lot of typing, then do not pick any long, oval, stiletto or pointy shape. They will interfere with your work and you will not like them after you find that out.

Similarly, if you wear contact lenses, short, round-shaped nails will be best as other long pointy shapes will likely to poke your eyes when you are trying to put on or take off your contact lenses.

Know the nail service or product limitation

Try to be knowledgeable about various nail products like gel polish, gel nails, SNS dipping powder or acrylics before you try them.

If you learn about these products and know about their intended applications or purposes, you will save time, money and aggravation if you use them beyond what they are made for and they will fall short on your over expectation.

Gel polish is just a polish, it can not make your nails stronger.

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On the other hand, SNS dipping powder, acrylics are nail enhancements. It means that there is a certain preparation procedure that your nail tech has to follow to create a long-lasting result on your nails. There is a trade-off of having these artificial nails.

For example, your nail surface has to be roughened up to remove the shine so they will adhere better. Do ask your nail tech to go easy on the sanding instead of asking her to skip it.

Speak your nail tech’s language

Put yourself in your nail tech shoes. Remember that the nail tech who is doing your nail is a person who has a specific skill set that you do not have. Unless this nail tech has been doing your nails many times before and you know her skills and capability, a nail tech will need to work for about one year or two before she is a competent one.

A nail tech who cares will let you know if she is not well-trained or experienced in any nail service and will ask another nail tech to do it.

On the other hand, when your competent nail tech recommends what is good or appropriate, you should listen to the advice before you make your final decision about what you want.

A typical recommendation that a nail tech might give when many customers might overlook will involve the length, shape, products or service that will interfere with their daily use of the hands like inappropriate shapes or lengths, for example.

You get better results with a nail appointment

Most of the time, I found that customers who make an appointment in advance tend to leave the salon happier. This result is created by two factors: the nail tech will prepare properly for the service and the customer allocates adequate time for the service.

If the nail tech knows what she will be doing for a nail appointment, she will prepare well so the nail service will be short because the preparation is done before the customer arrives.

Similarly, when you make an appointment, you will allocate the amount of time to be at the salon so you will not rush your nail tech. If your nail tech feels that she is being rushed she will not have time to do an adequate job.

What to tell a nail technician to get what you want

If you have a good understanding of how, when, why and have a general knowledge of what nail product or service you are going to get then what to tell a nail technician to get what you want should be simple.

As long as you tell your nail tech what you want in the initial consultation to and be aware of what she is doing during the whole process, your nail tech will give you her best.

If you do these two things you should eliminate all misunderstandings, make your nail tech know exactly what you want and you should not have any problem getting the service you want and like.

One of the practice of many nail technicians do (maybe yours too) is using a nail drill on your natural nails to remove gel polish. This action will often thin them out. One way to prevent this is to remove gel polish at home.


using this at home, your nails will be saved from your nail technician’s nail drill.

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Can you still get pretty nails without your nail tech?

If you do not want to deal with your nail salon and its nail techs anymore but you still want pretty nails, what are you to do?

Good news! You can create a pretty set of nails at home yourself and you do not need to know any nail techniques or experience at all.

The good news is the old but now improved Press-On NailsOpens in a new tab..

The reason I mention press-on nails as a great alternative to get you nails done at home is this product has evolved into something big.

  • Press-on nails have so many ready-made designs that even the best nail artists would envy.
  • Press-on nails have come a long way in terms of quality, durability, and selections.

In about 30 minutes, you can give yourself a beautiful set of nails and no special skills are required.

The best part is you do it yourself so your nails will be safe with you. No nail damage, no nail thinning, or peeling.

If you have not heard about press-on nails before and wonder how big it is, all you need is to go to your local department store’s beauty section or check them on AmazonOpens in a new tab. and see for yourself.

But first, spend a few more minutes to read more about press-on nailsOpens in a new tab. in the article I wrote in detail.

After you are done reading, I hope you will give press-on nails a try.

Have fun.

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Have fun.

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