It is frustrating when you do all the prep work before you apply gel polish or in the middle of a gel manicure on your nails to find out that your UV LED nail lamp stops working.

A UV LED nail lamp stops working because of three possible causes. The connection where the power adapter’s pin connects to the lamp’s base is dirty, the adapter that supplies power to the LED nail lamp is no longer working or the internal electronic circuit board malfunctions.

Let us go into detail on these three issues to isolate the problem and how to minimize the chance of them happening to you again.

LED nail lamp does not work due to a malfunction circuit board

The first place that causes a LED nail lamp not working is the internal electronic circuit board. On this board, several small electronic parts are electrically connected by thin soldered connections. These intricate connections do not react well to excessive heat, rough handling or hard impact.

If you happen to be a kind rough user that does not take great care when you handle the lamp, one of these soldered connections might come loose. If this occurs, the LED lamp is no longer working.

Repairing this electronic board requires an experienced and skilled electrician. So do not try to fix it yourself.

LED nail lamp does not work because of a bad power adapter

The most accurate way to check whether the power adapter is in working condition is by using a multimeter. If a multimeter is not available or you do not know what it is, do not worry. One way simple way to check if your power adapter to see if it is good or bad is by using your nose.

Bring the adapter close to your nose and try to find out if you can smell any rubber burnt odor. If you can smell it, the power adapter is probably overheated and burnt some inner electrical parts. If this is the case, the power adapter is faulty and needs replacement.

If you have an extra power adapter of the same kind, i.e., same pin size and power rating, you can try to use it to see if it powers up the LED lamp unit.

LED nail lamp does not work because of poor connection

You should check whether the male-female connection of the power adapter to the base of the LED nail lamp is in good condition and free of any oily substance.

Determine if the connection is good

Since the majority of the LED nail lamps are now light-weight and very portable so they are moved around quite a bit while being used. This means that this connection goes through a lot of plug-in and un-plug cycles. Worse yet, being pulled on, yanking or being bent sideways as people try to connect power to the lamp.

If a lamp is repeatedly subject to rough handling every time it is used, the metal socket and its metal pin of the power plug will eventually wear out and this connection becomes loose. This results in less than optimal electrical connection.

To make the matter worse, the DC or direct current will lose a lot of power trying to go through this bad connection. The remaining power that goes to the lamp will be insufficient power up the lamp unit.

Secondly, you should check to see if there is any oily residue on this pin and the socket as well. The oily substance can be either from cuticle oil or lotion that might accidentally be deposited when you move it around while doing your gel manicure.

What you need to do:

First, remove any oily substance stuck on this connection and clean it with alcohol.

Make sure the lamp is UNPLUGGED, not connected to any electrical outlets.

Using a toothpick and wrap a tiny piece of cotton to make a thin cotton swab so you can insert its tip into the socket or female part of the connection after you wet the cotton tip with alcohol.

Go around the inner part of the socket a few times to clean it. Take care not to bend the little pin at the center of the socket. Let dry.

Now proceed to clean the male connecting part of the power adapter’s cord using a no-lint piece of fabric or paper towel.

Locate the little hole at the center of the pin. Spray or wet it with alcohol. Insert a thin toothpick and clean it using a circular motion. Do this two or three times. Dry both ends of the connection with a hairdryer or blot and let dry for 10 minutes until all alcohol dries out completely.

During this time, do a visual check on the entire length of the power adapter’s cord to see if any bruised, cut or separation of any inner electrical wires. If there is any broken wire, the electrical cord is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

How to extend the life of your LED nail lamp

Clean the connection of the lamp and power adapter regularly.

Inspect this connection every time you use your LED nail lamp. This way, you can always be sure there is enough power going to the lamp and it will make all LEDs produce light optimally every time.

Anything short of this, your gel polish will not get enough light intensity to cure completely. The gel polish might wrinkle or bubble, and you have to remove the bad gel polish and repolish and use your lamp again.

Therefore, just because of a bad connection, you might have to spend a double amount of time doing your gel nails, and your LED lamp will have to work twice as long.

How to extend the life of a LED nail lamp’s power adapter

Unplug the power adapter when not in use. Many black power adapters will continuously draw current if you keep it unplugged even you turn off the lamp. You can tell that if your adapter draws current even when not in use by holding the adapter in your hand and see if the outer plastic protective case to feel if it is warm without being used.

If the case is warm, the continuous electric current will flow through the adapter and make it work unnecessary. These power adapters have a finite working life. By continuously plugging it in, you shorten its useful life.

As a salon owner, I had to replace twice as many power adapters as I do the LED nail lamps themselves due to misuse and rough-handling. These adapters break down before the lamps might be these LED nail lamp manufacturers have to cut corners somewhere to reduce the cost of their products.

One option that can be used in lowering the overall cost of a LED nail lamp is buying power adapters from a third party. You can find this fact out yourself by checking the maker’s label on the LED lamp and the power adapter that came together. More often, they are from two different companies.

LED nail lamp manufacturers might include low quality, less expensive power adapter to stay competitive.

That is not to say bad things about these adapters. Nowadays, everything has to be produced in great numbers to cater to a much bigger world population than before. Various things are made with the least materials possible and these power adapters are no exception.

However, these products are less susceptible to misuse or impact. You just have to remember this so you will use and care for your power adapter and LED lamp accordingly. If you exercise this thinking, you will keep your LED nail lamp in working condition for a long time.

How to extend the life of a LED nail lamp’s circuit board

You now know how fragile your LED nail lamp is, and you should exercise good practice when you use and handle it.

Do not bend or use excessive force when you connect your lamp to its power adapter. It will ensure a snug connection of this male-female connector and prevent the socket of the female side from coming loose prematurely.

Take caution when you move the lamp around so you will not accidentally drop it. Also, keep it from being knocked around with other heavy objects.

UV LED nail lamp not working? Use a backup!

If you do your gel polish at home, it is a good idea to have a less expensive, small LED lamp as a backup. If your LED lamp were to fail for any reason, instead of trying to figure out what goes wrong, you can use your second lamp to finish your gel manicure and solve the troubling lamp later.

One of the least expensive rechargeable LED nail lamps on the market is a rechargeable 6W Sun led nail lamp. It costs under $5.00, about one cup of coffee.

If you do not already have one extra LED nail lamp in your gel polish collection, get it now so you can have it available because you never know when your first nail lamp will fail. If it does, your backup LED nail lamp will come to the rescue. Check out the current price on amazonOpens in a new tab..

This LED nail lamp is compact. It fits right into your palm so it does not take up a lot of space.

It is powered by a 5 Volt DC electrical source that is the same as that of your smartphone.

The best feature is it is rechargeable. you can charge it using the same power pack that charges your smartphone. After this LED nail lamp is fully charged, you can use it without any power cord attached.

Get it today so you can have it soon before you forget.

So, you now know all the facts about your LED nail lamp and how to perform some simple diagnostic and cleaning procedures to keep your lamp in working condition for a long time.

Better yet, you will not be stuck in the middle of a gel manicure if your go-to LED lamp decides to stop working because you have your favorite backup nail lamp at your side, waiting to be used.

Have fun gelling.

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