Whether you have acrylic nails for a long time or just have them on occasion, you are bound to break one or two from time to time. You wonder if you can do a quick fix for your broken acrylic nails using super glue you happen to have at home.

Superglue or nail glue can be used to reattach a broken piece, or cracked acrylic nail back provided if there is no injury to the natural nail or the nail breakage does not cause any pain or bleeding. The nails should be cleaned with alcohol to ensure the strongest bond from the glue.

To glue back your broken nails in one try, read on.

Can you glue a broken acrylic nail back on?

Yes, you can superglue a broken acrylic nail back on if nail breaking does not cause any pain, soreness, or bleeding. This means your natural nail is not affected by this breakage, and only the acrylic nail is damaged.

You can use household super glue or nail glue to reattach a broken piece of acrylic nails. Either glue will work fine, but you have to clean the mating surfaces where you attach them together, or the broken acrylic tip will not stay on for long.

How to glue back a broken acrylic nail

If you happen to retrieve a broke off acrylic nail piece, you are in luck because without it, you will not be able to.


Clean both the acrylic nail and the broken piece with alcohol.

Do not buff, or file the broken line. Doing so will alter this line and the broken piece will not attach properly.

Run a thin line of super glue or nail glue on both sides of the acrylic nail

Now press the broken acrylic piece onto the nail, and try to position it so it will fit as you would do with a puzzle.

Hold them still for five to ten seconds.

Now you can let go of the broken acrylic tip. It should stay on the nail as the glue is dried.

To strengthen the broken nail further, you can put more superglue or nail glue on the broken line. Do this for the top and the bottom of the nail if possible.

Wait for about 3 minutes to make sure all the glue dries completely.

You can paint over this nail, or put glitters to hide the broken line.

That is how you fix a broken acrylic nail with glue.

How to fix a broken acrylic nail without glue

Since nail glues or super glues are the best ones to reattach a broken piece of the acrylic nail back to the nail, there is not much you can do without it.

However, if you do not want people to see your broken acrylic nail, you can wrap a bandage around it.

This bandage also prevents the sharp edge to get caught in your hair or clothes until you can have it fixed.

Now you know how to superglue a broken acrylic nail. I hope you will not have to do this often. If you do, then there is a good chance that your acrylic nails are too thin for your line of work, or you are hard on them and cause your acrylic nails not to last as long as they are supposed to.

Have a great set of acrylic nails without gluing.

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