Acrylics give the natural nails a great customized, strong extension and durable enhancement. However, many people discover deep grooves in their nails after they remove acrylics.

Ridges in nails after acrylics are the result of over drilling on the nails while the nail technician tries to clean them with the sharp end of a nail drill bit at high speed and if not used properly, this nail drill bit that is usually made out of very hard steel or ceramic will easily cut into the relatively soft natural nails and leave these impressions.

Why do acrylics causes ridges in nails?

Acrylics do not directly cause ridges in nails but their improper preparation before application by a nail technician does. Usually, this nail technician will use an electric nail drill with a nail drill bit that can run at high speed to clean the nail surface. He or she will run this rotating nail drill bit around the cuticles to grind out the dry cuticles that still remain on the nails.

You can tell if ridges in nails after acrylics caused by nail drill bit if you see deep, and curvy lines on your nails after you remove acrylics. These lines are usually are the same distance from the cuticles indicating that they were caused at the same time and were created by an externally physical mean, a drill bit.

And that is why you see dents in your nails after removing acrylics.

Can acrylic nails damage natural nails?

In the case of visible ridges on nails after acrylics, acrylic nails can indirectly damage natural nails by improper use of a nail drill bit during the nail preparation before the actual acrylic nail application.

From the above picture, you can see deep curved lines that filled with nail polish from previous acrylic nail application. The nail tech had used a sharp nail drill bit to clean out the excess acrylics around the cuticle lines but went a little too deep and created deep indentations on the natural nails.

How long does it take for nails to get stronger after acrylics?

It usually takes up from 4 to 6 months for these ridges to grow out of the nail beds, depending on long these nail beds are. What you have is you get natural nails back whether they are thin or thick, weak or strong originally.

Why are my nails so weak after acrylics?

The ridges in nails after acrylic nails can be so deep that they cut them in two separate sections. As these ridges grow out towards the free edges, the sections in front of them are weak and tend to break or crack at these scored grooves.

If the nails in front of these ridges are also thin from filing or buffing too much, the nails will be susceptible to peeling, splitting, or cracking.

How to get ridges out of nails after acrylics?

If you have ridges in your nails after acrylics, do not try to buff your nails to get the ridges out of your nails because doing so will thin out your natural nails considerably. Your thin nails will be easy to break, tear, peel or split and make the situation even worse.

You can only apply some nail products to fill in the ridges to make them smoother and stronger.

What should I put on my nails after removing acrylics?

There are several options.

Apply acrylic nails again:

If you want to have acrylic nails again, you can do that. The ridges will be covered with new acrylics and your nails will be stronger so you do not have to worry about nail peeling, splitting, or cracking.

The application of acrylics on natural nails without nail tips is called acrylic overlayOpens in a new tab..

Apply other artificial nail enhancements:

There are other nail enhancement products that you can use instead of acrylics. They are:

Each of these offers protection against your natural nails from breaking and they are much easier to remove.

Stop using acrylic nails or other artificial nail enhancements:

If you want to stop using acrylic nails or any other nail enhancement products above, the best product you can use to protect your nails from breaking at these ridges is gel polish. 

Best nail strengthener after acrylic nails

There are at least a dozen of nail strengtheners you can buy to apply on your nails to make them stronger and prevent breaking at these ridges. However, they require you to apply on your nails every day, and this is not very practical.

On the other hand, gel base coat and gel topcoat combination is the best nail strengthener after acrylic nails. You only have to apply one time and your nails will be good for at least two weeks. Therefore, they are the best remedy for ridges in nails after acrylics.

Since the arrival of gel polish, I always recommend Gelish base coat and topcoat as a nail strengthening kit for my customers who want to take a break from acrylics.

You can get them on amazonOpens in a new tab..

You can learn how to strengthen nails after gel polishOpens in a new tab. and apply it to strengthen them after acrylic removal also.

How to hide ridges in nails after acrylics?

If you want to apply either regular or gel polish on your nails after acrylics, these polishes might not be able to cover these ridges and they might show on the nails as dented or groove lines.

To fix these ridges in nails after acrylics, you can apply a thin coat of fine glitter polish. The glitters will create some 3D effects and blend in these ridges so you will not be able to tell there are lines on your nails.

Make sure do not mix regular with gel polish on your nails as regular nail polish takes at least 20 minutes to air dry and gel polish is cured by a UV lamp.

Can I get gel nails or manicures after acrylics?

You can get a gel manicure after you remove acrylic nails only if you have some free edges. Otherwise, applying color gel polish on very short nails is often difficult to brush on thin layers and you will not be able to clean the overrun gel polish on the skin very well.

As a result, the gel polish will not stay long on the nails.

If your ridged nails are very short after acrylics, you should apply only gel base coat and top coat as nail strengthener for two to three weeks. After this time you can use gel polish for your gel manicure.

And that is how you fix thin or ridges in nails after acrylics.

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