Gel polish can be removed by soaking in warm water.

You have had the perfect gel polish color on your toes for more than three weeks straight. Now your toenails are getting longer and you want to take the color of at home but with the hassle of wrapping the toenails with acetone plus being bound to a chair for at least 20 minutes waiting for the gel polish to soften then painstakingly peel it off seems to be the last thing you want to do tonight because you would lose a good hour of your precious time.

The best time to remove gel nail polish on toenails at home is after a warm shower or bath followed with 15 minutes of foot soak in warm water. Gel nail polish will be loose and can be easily peeled away with a pair of tweezers. Therefore, the efforts and time it takes for this removal are minimal.

Many nail salons charge around $10 if they remove gel polish on your toenails plus you have to spend extra time on this service. This method will show you how you can do it at home so effortlessly. Additionally, you will save time and little money. Excited? Please read on so you know exactly how to do it.

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Remove gel polish off toenails without acetone

Things you need:

  • 1 large plastic container that fit both feet with room to spare.
  • Have about 2 gallons of very warm water.
  • ½ cup of household or table salt or any kind of pedicure salt you have (optional).
  • 1 pair of tweezers.
  • 1 medium towel for drying feet
  • Decide where you would sit comfortably and less chance of damage your floor with possible water spillage.


  1. After the shower, soak both feet in very warm water for 15 minutes. If the water is too hot for your feet add more cool water. The water level should be just above-the-ankle deep.
  2. Visual check after 10 minutes to see if gel polish starts to curl up.
  3. After gel polish curl up, with the foot still being submerged, starting at your little toe, gently and quickly peel gel polish up with a pair of tweezers without tearing it off of your toenails because you need some loose part to grip it in the next round.
  4. Do this to the adjacent toes.
  5. Repeat the two steps above for the other foot, always starting at the little toe.
  6. Repeat the above peeling steps on toenails that still have gel polish until it is removed completely on all toenails.
  7. While your feet are soaked, it is a good idea to do some scrubbing to remove remaining dead skin on your feet and toes.

Rinse, dry your feet and you are finished.

The option of adding table salt or any pedicure salt to the water is to treat any possible bacteria or fungus that might be on your feet. Therefore, you will do more to your feet than just removing gel polish in one sitting.

Benefits of this soaking toenails in warm water after a shower without acetone

Less time needed: you might not have it down the first time but after a few times, you will be efficient. This process requires no acetone so it is a plus. Your toenails will be happy for not being in contact with the hash, skin-drying chemical.

Less damage on toenails: since the whole layer of gel polish is warmed evenly, it is easier to be peeled away comparing to other wrapping methods that might have some hard spots that require more forceful peeling action which results in pulling off some real nails.


Removing gel polish on toenails by soaking in warm water can be done in salons

I did it for my customers. When I was working at my salon, I used to employ the clipper or aluminum wrapping technique to remove the gel polish on customers’ toenails. They had to sit and wait for an extra 20 minutes until a nail technician could safely remove the gel polish before she could start on a pedicure.

I used these techniques in my salon because they were kind of industry standards and any different ways to solve a problem even though they might be better will raise some eyebrows. But for my customers, they lost an extra good half hour of their valuable time for gel polish. Until I thought of one particular way.

One day, a lady customer of mine came in for a pedicure. She needed a new gel color and she did not have enough time for the whole gel polish removal, pedicure service and new gel polish application.

I decided to begin the pedicure service and soaked the toenails with gel polish in warm pedicure water from the start. I finished all the pedicure steps except trimming and shaping her toenails. At the end of all the basic cleaning steps in a basic pedicure which took about 20 minutes, the gel polish on her toenails was already curled up, wrinkled and soft enough so it could be easily peeled away. I now trimmed and shaped the toenails, clean up the cuticles and applied a new gel polish color of her choice.

The pedicure with gel polish took about an hour and the whole gel pedicure did not require extra gel polish removal time. At check out time, I did not charge her for my gel polish removing service because I felt I did not do enough work to deserve it.

But I discovered a better way to remove gel polish on toenails.

It is what I have for you to try at home.

You can even give yourself a mini spa pedicure experience with a foot tub at home.

After a shower, you can soak your feet in a foot tub. Basic foot tubsOpens in a new tab. cost under $25.00, and deluxe foot spasOpens in a new tab. with heat that costs less than $60.00, about the price of a pedicure at a salon.

You can take off your gel polish on your toes, rejuvenate your tired, aching feet after a long day at work through the vibrating massage rollers and therapeutic warm water at the same time. It is a beneficial way to remove gel polish on your toes.

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I hope you will agree with me it is a great way and fun way.

You can even give the most important lady in your life an express home pedicure, your mom, if you dare.

I bet you will knock her off her feet, literally and figuratively speaking.

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Happy gelling.

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