Purple is one of the popular colors that young people like to paint their acrylic nails. It is the most visible shade in the visible spectrum color.

People wear purple acrylic nails because the color purple implies vitality, or royalty and a lighter shade of purple lavender symbolize beauty and femininity. In many English-speaking countries, people tend to relate the purple color with personal extravagance and mysterious characters.

How purple acrylic nails are made?

The color purple of acrylic nails can be achieved in two ways. First is the acrylic powder itself is purple. When mixed with acrylic liquid, they solidify into a hard medium having a specific purple color. However, this method is less often used because the number of different color purple shades is limited and it can not be removed if an acrylic nail wearer later changes her mind.

The second method is easier and simpler than the first. Natural or clear acrylics are applied to the nails. After the set of nails is done, the purple color can be put on using regular or gel polish.

This way a person can choose whatever purple shade she likes.

Coffin purple acrylic nails

Acrylic nail shapes can be round, square, oval, almond, stiletto, but the most popular nail shape with purple is the shape of a coffin. Nowadays, nail shapes are one way for a lady to express her personality and feelings, and coffin shapes in general and coffin purple acrylic nails are widely used in the younger groups.

These coffin purple nails are trendy and will be the choice for many for the next few years.

Short purple acrylic nails

Short purple acrylic nails are for people who are active with their hands as these short nails are harder to break or chip. These purple short acrylic nails are also the preferred choice for an active younger group of acrylic nail enthusiasts.

Long purple acrylic nails

People who wear long purple acrylic nails want to send a message through them. They want their nails to be a statement.

Others wear purple long acrylic nails because they want their nails to be compatible with their tall figures.

Violet acrylic nails

In closeup, violet is often referred to as purple. However, violet is one of the main colors in the color spectrum and purple is defined as various shades of violet.

To be more precise, violet has more blue tint in it and purple has more red pigment. Violet represents modesty and faithfulness.

Violet acrylic nails can be worn on different lengths and shapes while the popular, but trendy ones are coffin-shaped with medium length.

Short lavender acrylic nails

Lavender is a light shade of purple that is the same as a lavender flower.

The color lavender is a light purple that has a slight pink tone. While violet represents humility, lavender expresses love and devotion.

People who like lavender on their acrylics will have a choice of lengths and shapes, but the popular ones tend to be short round shapes or longer ones like coffin-shaped acrylic nails.

Purple ombre acrylic nails

One popular shape for purple nails is ombre. Ombre means two different colors fade into each other.

Not too long ago, an ombre look was done by airbrushing. A nail tech would spray one color onto another to create an ombre look.

Now it is easier with the use of dipping powders. All you need to do is applying the purple base color first and sprinkle the second color on the tips of the nails or vise versa.

Many would go for the most trendy one: coffin purple ombre acrylic nails.

Dark purple acrylic nails

Trendy people who wear coffin dark purple acrylic nails appear to be confident and want to stand out among a crowd.

Pastel purple acrylic nails

Pastel purple is about femininity and delicacy. This soft color is often during springtime.

People who have pastel purple acrylic nails also think of romance and for those who want to be trendy, they will get coffin shapes on these nails.

Neon purple acrylic nails

These purple acrylic nails will glow in the dark.

People tend to think of the 1980′ fashion when they see neon colors. However, neon colors make people feel upbeat when they see these bright, reflective colors.

People wear neon purple acrylic nails to show the world that they are happy, and many wear them, especially in the summertime.

Other cute purple acrylic nails

Nowadays, people can create many shades of purple by mixing different colors to get their customized shade. Some turn out to be either cute or exciting, depending on their preferences are.

Purple acrylic nails with designs

There are many possibilities that you can beautify these yellow acrylic nails by using:

  • Gold or silver strips
  • Glitters
  • Rhinestones
  • Nail arts

You can use each of them separately or combine them to make elaborate designs on your purple acrylic nails.

From looking on social media on acrylic nail topics, you can see that people can create almost any art, from drawing intricate flowers, butterflies to luxurious-looking designs, and there is no limitation of how a person can create beautiful nail arts with these accessories.

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