A few years back, you would find very few men getting pedicures, but this has changed as their awareness of all the benefits a pedicure brings. Men now realize that their feet are just important as other body parts that need to be taken care of, and you can see guys in salons and spas while others prefer to do it at home.

A man pedicure is just as relaxing and beneficial to men as they do to a woman. A man who gets pedicures thinks their feet are part of his modern-day personal grooming and enjoys all the treatments to keep his feet in good shape and benefits of a therapeutic, relaxing foot massage that usually includes in a male pedicure.

Whoever you think you are and whatever work you have, to find out why you should get a pedicure like other men have done it and will continue to do so, read on.

Man pedicure: Do guys get them?

The direct answer to this question is YES; guys do get pedicures. Men’s pedicures are not for aesthetic purposes only but also help to promote healthy feet. According to a recent survey, guys in the age group between 18-34 form at least 25% of men who get pedicures. Most of these guys book appointments in salons and spas to rejuvenate their tiring, overworked feet.

Do you think that you are too manly to get a pedicure? Think again. Even famous basketball players get their pedicures regularly. They know that their job as jumping around, trying to make the ball go through a hoop all day to make millions of dollars depends “sole-ly” on their healthy feet. They schedule their pedicure appointment regularly as part of their personal grooming and preventive routines.

If these manly men get their pedicures, then won’t your feet deserve some care and attention? After all, you only have two to last you a lifetime.

So don’t be shy. Man up to a male pedicure.

The last question you might have is whether a male pedicure is normal. You can think of it this way: you take good care of your car because it takes you to many places, to and from work every day and many other great things with your car. Won’t your feet deserve some overdue attention?

When was the last time you really did something good for your feet?

So if you wonder if men do get pedicures, you get your question answered.

Now the next question you might ask is: “Can I get a pedicure”?

Male pedicure: can men get them?

Just like women, men can get pedicures. Some time back, people assumed that pedicures were beauty treatments only for women, and all salons and spas catered their pedicures to women only.

But that has changed.

Salons and spas now realize that if they cater their pedicure services to men, they can increase their clientele twofold.

Many beauty spas hope to catch in on this potential increase in revenues, offer pedicure services to men. You can get your feet done in many great nail salons and spas near you.

You will be warmly welcomed, and even can tell you are more preferable than female customers.

How so?

Giving a pedicure service to a female customer, a nail technician has to apply nail polish on her customer’s toes. Sometimes, this final step is the most challenging because some females would be very picky about how the nail polish goes on her toenails.

If this happens, a nail technician has to spend more time fixing or redo it. This adds more time to the pedicure service, and this problem is not good for customers’ nail technician relationship if she does not polish the toenails the way her customer likes.

Pedicure for men, on the other hand (feet, I should say), is one without toenail polishing (most of the time), and most male customers are not picky about how their feet or toenails look after a pedicure. As long as their toenails are trimmed nice and short, and they have a great relaxing experience with all the pampering a pedicure offers, it is a great pedicure, in their opinion.

So doing pedicures to male customers usually is a preferred choice for a nail technician.

Moreover, male customers generally tip more than ladies. Why? Men only come to a salon to get pedicures a few times a year compared to ladies who usually go in there once a month. That is why men are generally more generous in giving bigger tips.

That is why men are more favorable customers.

In short, men can get pedicures. There is nobody or anything that says you can not have them. Other ordinary people, men and women alike get pampered with pedicures. Why can’t you?

The only person who stops you from getting pedicures is you.

Your next question might be: “Should I get a pedicure”?

Should men get pedicures?

Nowadays, people work and stay on their feet longer than before, especially men. If you are among them, your feet are subject to a lot of stress and strain after a long workday. Men do not take care of or pampering their feet enough, thinking it is not a manly thing to do.

However, feet are the ones that carry your load all day, and even more so in this hectic day and age, they need good care and being looked after. After all, each of us was given two to last a lifetime. What would you do if they give up or break down on your early? You will lose your independence. Think of this for a moment.

Men pedicures are one good way to improve the overall health of feet if you are either too lazy or too busy to do so. Healthy feet are part of personal grooming, and it may negatively affect how other people think of you if they see your bad-looking and neglected feet. There are many reasons why men should get pedicures, as I will explain next.

Identify problems

While giving you a pedicure, your pedicurist will be able to tell you the overall health of your feet. This pedicurist can do it because she was trained to identify most medical conditions that show up on the feet and knows what can be done and what is not allowed.

She can only work on your feet if they have some minor conditions, and she can not give you a pedicure if you have more severe foot conditions. In the latter case, she would suggest you see your podiatrist to correct the problem.

Improve feet health

Getting a pedicure can help to keep your feet healthy. Accumulation of dirt on your feet can result in bacterial infections. When you get a pedicure, you’ll get proper anti-bacterial protection on your feet. The technician will use appropriate products that will treat the conditions.

Eliminate odors

Having smelly feet can be self-conscious. You’ll feel uncomfortable while you are around your friends, and it does not help your confidence. Many people associate smelly feet with poor hygiene. Even if you’ve taken a bath properly, it won’t make any difference if your feet have foul odors.

An experienced pedicurist will be able to tell you if there is something wrong with your feet and recommend the right course of action. Either she will give you some great tips on how to take better of your feet or suggest that you make a trip to see a foot doctor.

How to successfully treat toenail fungus at home.

Your hairstylist or barber can not tell or recommend how to cut your hair to improve your health, but your pedicurist may notice something wrong with your feet. Since she is not a doctor, she can only make suggestions on what you should do to improve your feet. Also she is not permitted to give out medical recommendations or diagnoses other than saying you should see your podiatrist because of your current foot conditions.

Get a pedicure to make your feet look better, enjoy a great relaxing foot massage, and get a close-up look at your feet well being for one price.

I think it is a bargain.

Relieve stress

Most men coming out Pedicures help in relieving stress and enhancing relaxation with a foot massage. This usually benefits men who work while standing on their feet for extended hours. Whenever you get some free time, visit a salon. If it is your first pedicure, you will be amazed at how good a massage can do.

Improve appearance

A pedicure will improve the general appearance of your feet. As a man, you’ll be much attractive to the ladies if you’ve got clean feet with well-trimmed toenails. This is usually a sign of proper grooming in addition to regular haircuts and clean shaves. Some people may judge others based on how well they take care of their feet.

How soon can you do it if you got your first pedicure and like it so much you want to get it again?

Man manicure: how often can a man get it?

How often should a man get a pedicure?

As long as you take good care of your feet, a trip to a salon for a pedicure is a luxury unless you have other needs for a pedicure.

How often you should get a pedicure will depend on your lifestyle, foot condition, and budget. If your budget allows you to do a regular pedicure, the better. On average, male pedicures can last up to one month or when your grown-out toenails need to be trimmed.

How often you should get a professional pedicure is really up to you. However, many men get pedicures at a salon three or four times a year. They would do a mini pedicure at home, trim the toenails at least every month, and often scrub their feet. They come into a salon to get pampered with a deluxe pedicure which includes a foot massage.

How long should a pedicure take?

On average, a pedicure should last between 45-60 minutes for the basic treatments. However, if you need extra attention like salt or sugar scrubs, skin exfoliation, extended foot massage, or reducing thick callous spots, then expect to spend extra time for them.

Male pedicure prices

Almost all salons do not have a different price list for their male customers because men do not have more feet than ladies. Male customers are expected to pay the same price for pedicures as woman customers.

When you request extra services like callous treatment on your heel or longer foot massage time, you need to pay extra, but these additional services’ prices are the same for both men and women.

So do not think that having a good man pedicure on your bad and neglected feet will cost you an arm or a leg at a salon that is not. Salons do want you to walk back in for service the next time.

On average, a basic pedicure cost less than $30.00. Your local salon night have its pedicure price in number range,

Male pedicure at home: you can do it yourself

For some reasons that you can not go to a salon or do not want other people to touch your feet, you can give yourself a simpler version of man pedicures.

Man pedicures can be done at home if you have the necessary tools and products. Below are what you need to do them.

What you will need:

  1. For starter’s kit:
  2. Toenail clipper
  3. Nail file
  4. Nail brush
  5. A pumice stone or thick skin remover
  6. Footbath
  7. Towels.

Additional accessories you might want:

  • Pedicure salt
  • Liquid callus remover
  • Lotion

How to give yourself a man pedicure

Here is how you would do it.

Prepare the pedicure area:

  • Find a place where you can sit comfortably with your feet soaked in the foot spa.
  • Lay some towels under the foot bath to prevent the water from splashing out, making the floor wet and slippery. The towels should extend about at least a one-foot radius around the foot spa.
  • Get your pedicure tools and accessories ready and within reach because you will not want to get up after you soak your feet.
  • Fill the foot spa with warm water according to its instructions.


Sit down and soak your feet in the foot spa for about 10 minutes.

Trim your toenails. You should cut your toenails straight across. This will prevent ingrown toenails from developing, especially on the big toes.

File the edges of the nails to smooth them out.

Sit back and relax for another 10 minutes. You can listen to some soft music or watch your favorite TV shows.

Now, use a nail brush to brush the toenails and in between them. This action will remove the dry, dead cuticles and the dead skin deposited between your toes. This step is necessary. It will remove all the dead skin that is food for foot bacteria and keep them from growing.

Next, use your pumice stone or thick skin remover to scrub off the dead skin on the top and bottom of the foot until you are happy with the result.

Note. Do not try to remove too much thick skin at one time. You might make the skin on the bottom of the feet too thin to walk on, and it will hurt.

Soak your feet back in for 5 minutes.

Take one foot out of the water, use your nail brush to brush off the remaining dead skin on the whole foot, up to the ankle. Soak it back in.

Do the same for the other foot.

Now take a dry towel to dry your feet, and you are done.

You can go to your bathroom to give it a final rinse with clean water to wash off all the salt and foot scrub materials you put in the foot spa.

Let them dry for 10 minutes before you apply lotion.

Voila. You just give yourself a quick man pedicure. How simple that is to make your feet feel better!

How long does a man pedicure take at home?

It can be a quick 10-minute pedicure, or you can work on your feet for up to 30 minutes while you are relaxing.

How to clean up after your man pedicure

Pedicure tools: clean your pedicure tools with soap and water, brush off all the skin, rinse and let dry.

Foot spa: your foot spa needs some extra work to clean thoroughly. If your foot spa has a pump that pushes water around in the tub, you have to flush all the skin particles out of the pump compartment before you wash the whole tub.

Step 1: Drain all the water from the tub, remove by wiping off all large pieces of dead skin.

Step 2: Spray down the inside of the tube with clean water, drain.

Step 3: Disinfect your foot spa with 1 part bleach and 9 part of water.

Fill this bleach/water solution up to where the pump is completely submerged.

Run the pump for 10 minutes.

Unplug the unit for an electrical outlet.

Step 4: drain this solution. Spray down the inside one last time. Let dry for 24 hours.

You can find more applicable cleaning instructions that come with your foot spa.


In this so-called modern-day time, we work and stay on our feet much longer than before. A pedicure for men is a great way to take care of your feet.

Whether you get it at a salon or do it yourself, you know the importance of regular foot maintenance.

They are the ones that carry your loads for years to come.

At least, you can just simply trim your toenails once a month and scrub your feet regularly in the shower. You will keep many bad skin conditions away from your feet.

If you decide have your pedicure at a salon, make sure it it the best salon near you. There are five things a great nail salon should have that you need to know.

Take care of your feet. They will take care of you.

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