Whether you are a young urban professional, a middle-aged man, or whoever is in between, if you are thinking about getting a male manicure, stop thinking about it and make an appointment for a man manicure at your local nail salon near you now. You have been missing out on one of the best things you can do for your hands.

A male manicure offers two things. One is a man manicure will give the fingernails the proper nail care they need, and the other is the person who receives a manicure also enjoys additional benefits that come with a manicure, such as hand-and-arm massage to relieve stress, skin exfoliation to brighten the skin, the clean-look of well-groomed hands and nails.

Is it OK for men to get manicures?

Manicured hands go a long way to project the first impression, whether you are a salesman, an executive, or want to show off the fact that you take good care of yourself.

Men now pay attention to their images because a good haircut, clean-shaven, and suitable attire would only be complete with well-manicured hands.

That is not to say you must go to a nail salon to get a manicure. Instead, you can do it at home with a few simple and inexpensive nail tools.

What is a manicure for a guy?

A male manicure is a manicure that is very similar to that for females without nail polishing or art designs are not required.

A regular or basic manicure consists of the following:

  1. Soaking fingernails in warm water
  2. Trimming of long nails and filing the nails to desired shapes
  3. Trimming off excess cuticles
  4. Quick hand massage with lotion
  5. Buffing the nail surface to smooth.
  6. Clear polish if desired

The whole procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel so relaxed after being pampered with a manicure. You can request longer massage time but expect to pay extra for this service.

Do straight guys get manicures?

Manicure is a service that used to be for the rich and high class, but this is no longer the case. A manicure’s price has decreased so that anyone can afford it. If a person feels he needs it or deserves one, he can get one. Whatever your personality or character, a manicure is now considered a grooming necessity like a haircut by many men who could be lawyers, salesmen, or athletes.

Is it weird for men to get a manicure?

Having fresh-looking, manicured hands to go to a meeting, interview, or date is always good. Nobody likes to look at or shake a rough or dirty hand.

If your work causes your hands to be in bad-looking shape, a good manicure will make your hands more presentable for any special occasion, or it can make you feel better because only a few people want to walk around with bad-looking hands.

So it is perfectly normal for a guy to get his nails done as long as he wants to because he can. Do not let anybody stop you from enjoying one of the fun, relaxing, and beneficial things in your life.

How much does a manicure cost for a man?

Even though most men do not put nail polish on their nails after their manicures, the cost of a man’s manicure is usually the same as a manicure for females.

The average cost of a basic manicure was $22.75Opens in a new tab. in 2019. So you expect to pay that amount and additional tips for the manicurist who makes your hands look better and give you a relaxing moment to lessen the stress from your workday.

Do guys wear clear nail polish?

Guys can wear clear nail polish for the same reasons as their female counterparts, but men tend to wear clear nail polish to protect their thin nails from breaking or splitting.

Not all men have thick nails, and their jobs might demand their use of fingernails for heavy work.

I used to have a male hairstylist as a customer who had thin nails. His job required him to wash customers’ hair. His thin nails were always soft from being wet, and they were often peeling. To remedy this, I put a thin layer of acrylics and finished them with a coat of clear nail polish. This made his nails much harder, and he no longer had nail-breaking problems.

How often should a man get a manicure?

A manicure can be a part of personal grooming. Depending on your job requiring a complete well-groomed appearance, you can get a manicure as often as you see fit when you think your nails need a make-over.

Therefore, no fixed-time interval exists for each man to get his manicure.

Nail care for men is becoming popular as men discover the benefits they thought it was only belonged to female customers. Therefore, seeing men sitting at a nail station getting a manicure in nail salons near you is not unusual anymore.

So if you should get a man manicure, stop thinking about it and either make an appointment or walk into a nail salon near you to request one as soon as possible because guys can get their nails done too.

You will be glad you did.

How to do a male manicure at home

Watch the video below. Suzie demonstrates how you can do a manicure at home, which is very informational. You can learn a few new things from the conversation that apply to you.

Essential manicure tools and accessories for a male manicure:

This is a kit that has all the nail tools for your DIY man manicure you will ever need. It will last you a long time. You can even use it for your man pedicure at home. It is available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

You will also need the following:

Cuticle oil:Opens in a new tab. you need it to make your cuticle healthy looking after a manicure.

Cuticle remover:Opens in a new tab. it is optional. You can do your manicure without it by soaking your hands in warm soapy water for 2 – 3 minutes.

Hand lotion:Opens in a new tab. get it on Amazon if you have none. It would be best if you bought it at your local stores so you can hand-pick which one you like the most. However, this is the best seller on Amazon.

Have fun taking care of your hands and nails.

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