Acrylic nails are one of the most popular and durable nail enhancement products. However, they do need to be replaced once in a while.

Acrylic nails should often be replaced with a new set between 3 and 6 months because the adhesion will lose its strength and detach from the natural nails over time. These separation areas will expand and can cause the acrylic nails to fall off eventually. Furthermore, these gaps can also accumulate moisture and give mold or fungus a chance to grow.

When you should get a new set of acrylic nails

You should consider getting a new set of acrylic nails if your current one shows any of the following signs:

Your acrylic nails lift along the cuticle lines:

If you see your acrylic nails start to have gaps at the last filled-in areas, it means that the last fill-in was not a good one. This last bad fill-in did not give the acrylics to stick to the nails for at least two weeks as they are supposed to and trying to do infill, refill or fill in will only cover these separated areas with new acrylics but does not correct the lifting issue.

If you see more than 4 or five acrylic nails show this sign, you should have them taken off and start with a new set to avoid your acrylic nails from breakage, falling off, or developing fungus from moisture.

You have more than two nails fall off within a week:

If your acrylic nails break off or fall off within a week, it is a sign of the nail preparation was not done properly and caused the acrylics not to stick to the natural nails for at least two weeks or more.

If you lose more than two acrylic nails in a single week, it means that others will start to fall off soon. You should get a new set because trying to keep to the old one might hurt you when they break off unexpectedly.

You see a dark color developing under your acrylic nails:

If you see an unusual dark color under your acrylic nails, it is a sign of water is lodged between the acrylics and your nails start to grow fungus. The color begins from light brown and turns to darker brown, light green to darker green, and eventually black.

These dark colors will stain the natural nails and can not be removed, you just have to have them grow out, and it will take from 2 to 4 months to grow out long enough before they can be trimmed away.

So if you see even the slightest sign of unusual color under your acrylic nails, have them taken off as soon as possible to avoid this unsightly look on your nails.

The lengths of acrylic nails affect how often they need a new set

A set of short acrylic nails are less likely to be subject to a lot of stress and strain like longer ones. Therefore, they tend to last longer.

Longer acrylic nails are the ones that you can not make a tight fit with them. These long nails will be under a lot more stress as you use your hands daily and for work. Like a long lever, the adhesion where the acrylic nails attach to the natural nails will be bent back and forth even with a slight press at the tips of these long nails. These repeated stress will weaken the adhesion greater and cause the acrylic nails to loosen and separate from the nail beds quicker.

If you like to wear long acrylic nails, keep in mind that you should do things a little more cautiously so you will not bend them so much and they will last longer.

Acrylic nails should be replaced often if they are heavily used

The main reasons you wear acrylic nails are for show and to make your hands look prettier, not as tools or rough manual labor.

If you are rough with your hands and like to wear acrylic nails and their benefit of long last polish, you should consider wearing them short. Short acrylic nails are ones just over your fingertips. These short acrylic nails will not be subject to a lot of stress from the daily uses of your hands and therefore they will last longer.

Shorter acrylic nails will also lessen the chance of breaking. Furthermore, if you are heavy-handed, short acrylic nails will also have less chance of breaking and damage your natural nails.

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