After you have had your dip powder nails for a few weeks, it is time to remove your dip nails. You wonder how much it costs to remove dip nails at a salon.

Removing dip nails at a nail salon costs between $10 to $15. Some nail salon will waive this cost of dip nail removal if a customer wants to get his or her nails done again whether it is a manicure, gel manicure, dip nails or artificial nails.

It costs very little if you can remove dip nails at home

Removing SNS nails or more commonly called dip nails is a simple process by soaking them in acetoneOpens in a new tab..

You can take off dip nails at home and the cost of removing dip nails is significantly less. The powder of dip nails will dissolve in acetone so you will not have to use any tool to remove it, making it one of the easiest and cheapest artificial nails’ removal processes because you only need to buy some pure acetone at your local beauty supply store which is not expensive at all.

However, if you want to get your nails done again after removing your old dip nails, the best way is to have them removed at your salon.

How do nail salons remove dip nails?

You might not have to pay to get your dip nails removed.

As one way to keep customers coming back, many nail salons offer removal of dip nails for free or at a deep discount if you will get some kind of nail service after you remove your old dip nails.

Why do they offer free dip nails removal? Removing dip nails is a relatively simple procedure.

  1. They will have you sit at a nail table and have your fingernails soaked in a bowl of pure acetone for about 10 minutes after they roughen up the dip nails top sealer or gel nail polish and the dip nails will dissolve and detach from your nails.
  2. Some nail salons even do an additional step by warming up the acetone by putting it in another larger bowl filled with warm water. The faster this removal of dip nails is done, the happier their customers will be because they do not have to sit for long and they can finish your nail service quicker.
  3. After 10 minutes or so, the dip powder should dissolve and come off the nails. All a nail technician need to do is wipe the nails clean and the dip nail removal is done.

To sum up, taking off SNS nails or dip nails is a quick and simple process that may cost only about $10 at your local nail salon. If you do decide to remove them at a salon, do ask first whether it costs extra or free of charge so you will not be surprised when you see the service bill.

Happy nail dipping.

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