Cost of a pedicure is based on many factors such as locations, quality of service, high end or discounted salons and extra services, etc. A basic or typical pedicure can also be called standard or classic.

On average, for a basic pedicure with regular polish, customers can expect to pay $28.51 on the east coast, $24.62 on the west coast and $26.23 in the middle region. These numbers are average prices that are calculated by using prices from 400 medium-sized nail salons in the US for 2020.

Medium-sized nail salons are ones that have between 7 to 16 pedicure chairs. The differences of how and where a pedicure is performed in these regions are explained in detail below so you can expect what you will get if you happen to live in or near them.

Cost of a basic pedicure in different cities or metropolitan areas

The cost of a basic pedicure varies from small towns to big cities, low or high competition.

You can almost expect to pay more for the same pedicure if you live in rural areas than those who live in big cities. There are not a lot of nail salons in small towns so they are able to keep their prices high.

On the other hand, there are a lot of nail salons in big cities for customers to choose from. Therefore, the price for a pedicure is usually lower.

Is a pedicure chair massage included in the cost?

Nowadays, almost all pedicure services in nail salons are performed while customers sit in a special chair which is called a pedicure chair. A pedicure chair typically has three main parts:

A chair back has a built-in moving system that massage customers’ backs while they are getting pedicures.

A tub that holds water to soak the feet. This tub has a special pump to circulate water to provides a more relaxing experience.

A hollow base that supports and elevates the chair and tub.

If a foot treatment happens in a pedicure chair with a back massage, it is often called spa pedicure.

What is included in a basic pedicure?

A basic pedicure usually begins with feet soaking in warm water. Some pedicure salt is added to clean the feet. The pedicurist will start with toenail and excess cuticle trimming. She continues to scrub the feet to remove dead skin then works on thinning thick skin spots like callous or corns with a pumice stone.

The feet will be washed with clean water. The basic pedicure is now finished. Other extra services like exfoliation, deep heel or callous cleaning, massage and other extra services will be done next.

Different services reflect on pedicure cost

Each nail salon or spa has its own version of a basic pedicure. Some offer basic ones that only include toenail, cuticle trimming and a quick wash of the feet. Others provide more extra treatments like exfoliation, callus treatment and massage in their basic pedicures. The reasons for the price difference among nail salons because of high competition or salons are just trying to create their brand awareness. The later tends to charge a little higher price to justify their more involved pedicure treatments.

Pedicure prices are higher at upscale nail salons

Spas will have higher prices for pedicure services than that from discounted nail salons because they usually are located in an upscale neighborhood and have much higher overheads than that of discounted nail salons which tend to be in less expensive locations.

Spas provide more pampering services to a pedicure. They can be free hot towels or beverages, better-personalized services to justify their higher prices.

Best pedicures are ones done by a pedicurist that cares

A pedicure is a person to person service which your feet will be held, touched by a pedicurist for at least 30 minutes while you are just sitting. Unless she is very competent and caring, you will not have a great experience no matter how many extra services are given or how beautiful a spa looks.

A pedicure will cost less with package deals

Almost all salons will have package deals which will lower the pedicure cost if you get more than one service. If you are thinking of getting more than one service, do not hesitate to ask the salon manager for a discount on services. More often than not, all salons have a mani-pedi package deal.

You do not have to pay full price for pedicures

The majority of nail salons often have discounts on various occasions. To increase sales, they will post specials for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or seasons.

Do not hesitate to ask the salon you visit if they have any ongoing specials. Chances that you might have to pay a little less.

Extra pedicure services

The following treatments can be added to a basic pedicure depending on what your particular needs are.

Exfoliation: $5-$10. The feet and lower part of the legs will get additional cleaning with a scented sugar or salt scrub. When the pedicurist rubs the feet with this scrub, more dead skin is removed. This service is beneficial to people who have dry or excess callous.

Paraffin wax: $5-$10. This extra service is popular for people who live in a cold, winter climate. Your feet will be dipped in a melt paraffin wax bath and then wrapped with towels to keep the warmth for 15 minutes. It is supposed to moisten and soften the skin on the feet with the oil in the wax.

Heel scrubbing: $5-$12. if your work and stay on your feet all day. your feet and especially your heel will develop extra dry, thick skin. If you would want this extra service to bring back your softer feet.

Callus treatment: $5-$8. Your pedicurist can do is lessen the uncomfortable effect of the overgrown skin by trying to scrub it thin with a pumice stone.

Foot massage: $5-$10. All licensed nail technicians studied basic foot massage while they were in nail school so the can offer a basic foot massage. Experienced pedicurists will give you a great foot massage.

Regular polish: around $5. This is an extra service for a basic pedicure if you want your toenails to be polished. Because you need to dry the polish for at least 20 minutes before you can put on your socks and shoes, do bring a pair of open-toed flip flops so you can leave without waiting for it to dry.

Also, if you want to use your own polish, do bring it with you.

Gel polish: $10-$15. Expect to pay more for this kind of polish but the polish will be completely cured or dry by the end of your pedicure so you can put on socks and shoes. Gel polish is hard to remove but you can take gel nail polish off your toes at home with this simple trickOpens in a new tab..

French tips: $3 – $5. The most classic popular look on toenails where thin white lines are meticulously drawn across the toenail free edges.

Toenail designs: $5 and up. Usually, the designs will be on the two big toenails because they have more areas to be drawn on. These designs can go from simple to a much more elaborate one.

Toenail repair: $3 – $5. If some of your toenails are not the same length or shape and you want your pedicurist to do her magic work so your toenails can have a more even or uniform look so you can show off you pretty feet in open-toe shoes or sandals, expect to pay extra for this service.

Usually, a pedicurist will have to sculpture a free edge, attach a nail tip and trim it to make both toes look the same. Acrylics will be used to strengthen the enhanced toenail. Not all nail technicians are capable of creating a toenail that looks the same as the other. So make sure you like the new toenail before it is polished.

Pedicure prices do not include gratuity

Expect to give a 10 to 15% tip for your pedicurist who does a good job to make your feet look good and giving you about an hour of great relaxation time in a pedicure chair.

Now you have it. Average prices of a pedicure in cities near you. Depending on what extra services you need, the final cost of your basic pedicure can go from $30 to $50. It costs about dinner for two.

Enjoy your pedicure. Your neglected feet will thank you.

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