After you take your old set of acrylic nails and see your not-so-good-looking nails underneath, you wonder if you can put acrylics back on right after, or how long you should wait to get acrylic nails again.

There is no definite time you should give your nails a break between acrylic nails, and how long you should wait to get acrylic nails again is a personal choice. You can either get acrylics again if your nails are still in good shape and you want to do it, or you should give them a short break because they are sore after acrylic removal.

You can get acrylic nails again

After you remove your acrylic the right way, your nails are in good condition, and you still like having the look of acrylics on your nails, you can get acrylic nails again unless you decide to stop wearing them.

Should you let them breathe? This is a myth about nails under acrylics. Our nails do not breathe or take oxygen from the air because they are non-living matter. They do not have any nerve endings or blood vessels going to them to supply nutrients.

That is why you can trim and file your nails without feeling any pain.

So if you still like the look of acrylics on your nails, you can get them again, and it is perfectly safe to do.

You should wait if your nails sore after acrylic removal

First, let me go into detail about why your nails are sore after acrylic removal.

Your nails are sore have nothing to do with acrylics but the way they are removed or taken off by you or your nail technician is likely the cause.

If you remove acrylic nailsOpens in a new tab. the right way, you should not get any pain. Acrylics must be soaked in acetone so they will be soft before they can be easily and safely scrapped off the nails.

People who just want to rip or peel acrylics off their nails by force without soaking will feel the pain later.

I often had customers who came in for a new set of acrylic nails after they ripped off the old ones. Some had just physical pain, others peeled their own nails so badly that some nails were torn off or downright bleeding.

Why? Acrylics on ten nails are not used or worn out evenly. The thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers get used more than ring fingers or little fingers. The acrylic nails that are often used will get weaker and lift. As soon as they show any lifting, some people will try to peel the whole nail using their other fingers. When these weak nails are off, they will get the other acrylic nails off even they are still in good shape and had no lifting.

People who try to rip these good acrylic nails will likely rip their own nails too because the acrylic bond is still stronger than the nails themselves.

The result is the natural nail will be torn off, or ripped off in the process.

Nails sore after acrylics are removed usually happen when people try to do it themselves without giving their nails time to be soaked off.

Any nail technician who tries to remove customers’ acrylic nails by force will also cause their nails to be sore.

There are two scenarios of how long you should wait before you get acrylic nails again. They depend on how severe the sore is.

Your nails are sore but there is no splitting or bleeding

If your nails are soreOpens in a new tab. after you take off your acrylic nails but there is no bleeding, your nails have been spared. You can put acrylic nails back on if you still want them back on.

The sore will subside a few hours later.

Your nails are sore and bleeding

If some of your nails bleed, you tear off your nails deep enough to cause an open wound. you should wait a few days for this wound to heal before thinking about acrylic nails.

Make sure you treat and clean these open would properly to prevent an infection.

After treating the wounded nails, you can trim other nails so they will not get caught in your hair or clothes.

You should wait until all the wounds on the nails are healed before getting acrylic nails.

Just make sure that you will not rip off your acrylic nails the next time.

For some people, after they peel off one loose acrylic nail, there is no stopping them to take off the rest until all ten nails are removed, regardless of how difficult or painful they are.

I hope you are not one of them.

You decide to give your nails a break after acrylics removed

If you choose to stop having acrylic nails, you can but you should do something to protect and keep the nails from looking so bad after removing acrylics.

The best nail hardenerOpens in a new tab. or strengthener for this type of nail is gel polish.

You might have used gel polish before, either on your own nails or on top of acrylic nails. If you have, then you know how gel polish works.

To protect your nails and to hide the imperfection that acrylic removal cause, gel polish base coat, and topcoat are the answer.

  • Trim your nails to your preferred length and shape them to your liking.
  • Lightly buff the nail surface to smooth out the acrylics still remain.
  • Remove dust.
  • Clean nail surface with nail cleanser or alcohol and let dry.
  • Apply dehydrator/pH balance solution and let dry.
  • You can put a layer of gel base coat and a couple layers of gel topcoat. Make sure you cure each layer.

After you do it, your nails will look normal because the thick gel will fill up all the imperfections and make the nails smooth and shiny.

You can also put gel color if you like. Just apply color gel polish and cure before doing the topcoat. You can also combine regular nail polish with a gel topcoatOpens in a new tab..

You can buy this kit on amazon. Check out the latest priceOpens in a new tab..

Note: You can use a gel base coat and gel topcoat as a nail strengthener for any of your household members who have thin or weak nails. They will thank you for it.

Have fun with your nails.

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