Acrylic nails are one of the most popular nail enhancement products that offer strength, durability and they are relatively inexpensive. Several factors affect the durability of your acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails can last up to six months with normal daily activities. Some people can keep them on for a longer time if they follow a regular fill-in schedule, however, the old acrylics will start to discolor and their adhesive strength will diminish greatly so they will likely lift or separate from the natural nails much easier.

How long do acrylic nails last? A nail tech’s confession

Over the years of being a nail technician, I found that the acrylic nails that I have done for my customers last longer than others.

Why? There are two reasons.

I always strived to be the best nail technician I could be. Besides the experience I gained doing nails every day, I always tried to educate myself through various magazines and continuing education classes to keep up with the nail trends and learn new techniques. I consider myself as one good nail technician, skill-wise. Not only could I do them fast, but they also last. However, that was only half of my acrylic nail story.

For people who came to sit to me to get acrylic nails, especially when I had the privilege to work on their nails for the first time, they had no idea how good I was as a nail technician but yet putting blind trust in me because I worked in a nail salon. Sat behind a nail station

I appreciated the fact that they gave me a chance to do their nails. Because of them, I had an opportunity to be a nail tech and made a living off it.

I also appreciated that my customers were willing to spend their hard-earned money and valuable time with me, hoping they would get a great-looking set of acrylic nails.

Then how could I possibly fail them?

I never had a chance to do acrylic nails for celebrities or superstars. All of my customers were ordinary people who work in factories, offices, fast-food restaurants, or stay-at-home moms, people who use their hands every day, with or without acrylic nails.

As different as they are, no two hands are the same, nor how they are used.

I set out on a mission to make the best acrylic nails I could for my down-to-earth, average customers.

Acrylic nails are the strongest, most durable nail enhancement products, but they are not made out of steel. They will break, chip, crack, and wear out after being used for a few weeks.

Acrylic nails are made to beautify the hands as well as strengthen the natural nails they are on.

Also, acrylic nails should break, chip, or wear out before natural nails do, not the other way around.

That said, I adjusted my acrylic nails to each of my customers’ lifestyles and usage of hands so that they would last as long as possible. If they did break, they would not cause any injuries to the natural nails they are on.

Not only are they safe to wear, but they also have to be functional and long-lasting.

And with my acrylic nail skills, I also tried to enhance the hands’ overall beauty. No lady would return to me to get her nails done again if my acrylic nails make her hands and fingers look worse than before acrylics.

I did it by first asking every new customer a series of personal questions about what kind of work they do, how they use their hands at home, and most importantly, what kind of acrylic nails they would like to have.

I then made appropriate adjustments to give each of them the best possible acrylic nails, which means looking good, functional, and long-lasting.

At the end of the nail session, I would also give some helpful advice on taking care of their new nails.

As a result, they liked their acrylic nails because I gave them what they wanted and needed.

If you like something very much, you do not want to lose it.

My customers loved the nails they got so much that they did not want to ruin them. They want to keep their nice nails to look at and also to show them off. Therefore, they would not do anything rough or careless to break or wear these acrylic nails out.

Those are my secrets of why my acrylic nails last the longest.

It is just a simple fact that it takes two people to do it. My customers and I do it together.

People who think fake nails are vain, a waste of money and time, don’t know how a good set of acrylic nails does to an average person who is not lucky to be born with good nails.

For these people, acrylic nails are part of their personal grooming, like a good haircut or perm, that boosts their happiness, self-confidence and sometimes, they are needed help to protect their thin, easy-to-break nails.

Whatever the reasons, most of my customers liked their acrylic nails, and so did I.

The rest of this article is additional technical information related to acrylic nails, so read through them so you would have a better understanding on acrylic nail subject.

In the end, I include some acrylic nail pictures that I did so you have an idea of my work which is inspired by the two reasons I mentioned above. I hope you find them helpful.

How long do acrylics last on nails?

According to different acrylic nail manufacturers’ recommendations, acrylic nails should stay on your nails for up to 6 months given they are subject to normal use. However, in the real world, how long do acrylics nails last depends on three things: the quality of the product, how properly acrylic nails are applied, and how well they are maintained and cared for.

High-quality acrylics will last better than inferior ones

If you are getting acrylic nails from a nail salon, chances are they will use a reputable brand of acrylics, but it does not hurt to ask if what brand they use.

Good acrylic nail products tend to stay clear even after 4 months, and lower quality products tend to turn yellow after a couple months.

If you really want to do acrylic nails at home, Young nails have very good acrylic nail kits. Young Nails have been in the nail business for more than two decades and they have many videos on YouTube explaining how to use their products so you can refer to them whenever you need to.

Acrylic nails will last better if they are properly applied

A skilled and experienced nail technician will create a full set of acrylic nails that not only good-looking but also long-lasting. This is because she knows exactly what to do and what she should not do.

Also, your acrylic nails will last longer if you stay with one nail technician who will give you an acrylic full set and subsequent fill-ins. If you have different nail technicians who do your acrylic fill-ins, they might not know what your needs are and might do your acrylic nails wrong or not the way you like.

Many of my customers went to other nail salons to get acrylic nails just because they were convenient only to rip them off later because they either did not like how the way the acrylics look on their nails or have one or two come off or break off too soon.

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Acrylic nails will last longer if they are properly cared for

Acrylic nails are usually used to extend the lengths of natural nails. Therefore, they might be a bit too long for many people who are used to having shorter nails.

There are two things you can do that will make your acrylic nails stay on longer:

  1. Follow a regular maintenance schedule between two and three weeks.
  2. Do not use them as tools and develop a good habit of how to do things with longer acrylic nails.

One of the reasons that my customers love to keep their acrylic nails that I did for them because I gave them what they wanted by creating the best-looking set of acrylic nails that lasted on their hands.

After all, people tend to keep what they like and neglect to care for what they do not like.

The acrylic nails that I created for my customers usually last up to six months because they like what they have and come back regularly for fill-ins or maintenance so they always look nice.

How long should acrylic nails last?

How long should acrylics last? They depend on those two factors above. Even if your acrylic nails look good after six months, you should have them taken off or removed and apply a new set of acrylic nails. This way you can be sure that your acrylic nails are in good condition because old acrylic can start to come loose that you can not tell by just looking at them. This will create a gap that collects moisture and can lead to mold growth between your nails and acrylics.

How can you make your acrylic nails last longer?

If you have a quality acrylic product and your nail tech did a good job on acrylic nail application, you can make your acrylic nails last longer by following a regular maintenance schedule by getting fill-in between two to three weeks. Normally, acrylic nails can last up to three weeks before wear and tear problems start to show, for example, lifting around the cuticles, worn-out shapes on some nails, or breakage.

Can acrylic nails last 3 weeks?

You can enjoy your acrylic nails for up to three weeks. After this time, acrylic nails need to be filled in. In this process, new acrylics are used to fill the space between the cuticle lines and the old acrylics. This fill-in will make acrylic nails stronger like a new set of acrylic nails because the acrylics will cover the whole nails again instead of just part of them.

When should I get a new set of acrylic nails?

On the safe side, you should get a new set of acrylic nails after six months. No matter how good the product is, how well your nail technician applied acrylic full set or fill-ins, and how well you care for them, the older layers of acrylics underneath will no longer bond to your nails as well as they were new. These weak bonds sometimes are not visible and they give you the wrong impression that they are still okay.

How long does it take for acrylic nails to fall off?

Do acrylic nails just fall off? Actually, no. Acrylics will stay on the nails. Since the natural nails continue to grow, at some point they will be too long for a person to work with so they want to clip them off to make them shorter. Acrylics on top of these nails will also be clipped away. they will stay on the natural nails.

Also, if you get acrylic nails and do not do any fill-ins, these acrylic nails move away from the cuticles as the natural nails continue to grow at a rate of 1/8 inch per month. Given the differences in nail bed sizes on different people, it will take from 3 to 6 months for the acrylic nails to get to the tips of the fingernails or fall off the nails, per se.

How long should I wait to get acrylic nails again?

If your nail technician did a good acrylic nail job for you with a good product, you can get acrylic nails right after you take off the old set. However, some people like to take a break in between. Either way is perfectly fine.

Getting acrylics will ruin your nails no matter how little from nail preparation. If you want all of these damaged nails to grow out, give them a good 4 months then you will have your natural nails back.

Enjoy your acrylic nails.

Photos of acrylic nails:

Long acrylic nails with a bold design.

Short acrylic nails with red, white and blue design.

Short acrylic nails with stiletto shape.

Acrylic nails with soft coffin shape and hot pink color.

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