After spending a good hour and your hard-earned money for a gel manicure at a nail salon, you realize that it is not the color you really like. Do not despair! Take a deep breath and relax. There are several ways you can take to change or improve the color that you hate to your liking whether you have it done at a nail salon or do it yourself.

Whether you get your nails done at a salon or do it yourself, you can use one of the following quick fixes to change the color of your gel polish and hopefully it will make you feel better.

Remove the gel polish

When you realize that the color on your nails aggravates you so much, ask the nail technician to remove it and apply a new color that you pick. Keep in mind that the salon can charge you extra for the extra work of gel polish removal and re-polishing.

It is understandable that your nail technician will be reluctant to do it, mainly that she now has to remove all her hard work and efforts. But if you know this color is not right for your special occasions or you are not completely happy, be polite but firm to request for its removal.

If you choose this option, it will take an additional 40 minutes of your time. Your nail technician will have to remove the gel color that you hate, prepare the nail surface again and apply a base coat, 2 coats of the new color and one topcoat.

This is the best way to bring your insanity back.

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You can change the color of your gel polish

If time is short, you can opt for this option. You can put a new gel color on top of the old one. It works best if the old color is light and you only have to paint one darker one on top.

Do not try to use a lighter color because you might need more than one coat to cover the dark color underneath completely. This will make your nails much thicker and will aggravate you even more.

Do it on one nail first to see if you really like the change.

Keep in mind though, you will have a total of six coats of polish on your nails. They will look thick and feel heavy on your nails.

Paint a different gel color on one or two nails

Find a gel color that you like and also go well with the color you have on your nails. This will lessen the dramatic effect of the new gel color that causes you to hate it.

Put some gel glitters on top

Glitters will soften the new gel color or create some sparking effects which makes the new gel color interesting enough that you might want to keep it. There are several kinds of glitters: fine or coarse, silver, gold or colors. Pick one that you think will go best on your new gel color.

Also, try out on one nail before you do all of them.

In the end, you will have a total of five coats of gel polish.

Put gel nail arts on ring and index fingers

Another quick fix to alter the color that you hate is putting designs on some of your nails. it will move your attention away from the color to the designs themselves. There are countless ways to put designs on your nails, from simple to elaborate.

But in this particular case, you might want to go for simpler ones to speed it up because you already spend more than enough time for this manicure.

Paint regular color polish over gel polish

Since the gel polish is already cured, you can put regular polish over it. I recommend using a regular top coat so you can paint it right after the color. The only drawback is you have to dry your polish the old way: air dry or with a fan.

Note: you can use gel top coat over regular polish IF you give the regular polish at least 15 minutes to be completely dry or the gel top coat will just slide off your nails and wet regular polish will smear on whatever you touch.

Tip: you can use a small heater fan or a hair dryer set at low speed and heat to cut down on drying time.

If you do your nails at home

You can choose one of the options above list to do it yourself, depend on what you have available and how much time you have to fix it.

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Why do you hate the color of your new gel manicure?

For most people, they wear their favorite colors and do not try new ones that are out of their comfort zone. When people want to try out new trendy colors, they sometimes realize that they do not like it that much to keep it on their nails for the next few weeks.

The new color might look great by itself and you might be talked into trying new colors. But the new colors might not look good with the shade of your skin tone or go well with the shape of your hands and fingers.

And you only know that until you try it.

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How to avoid using gel polish color that you do not like

Test the new color of gel polish on one of your fingernails

It is easier and quicker to remove gel polish on one fingernail instead of having to do all ten.

Your nail tech will appreciate for the fact that you let her know after one or two nails instead of after she finishes your all ten nails because it takes less time to remove them.

You can paint more than one colors on your gel manicure

This combination of colors will lessen the effect of the color you do not like on your fingernails. Be a little more tolerant. Remember, it is not the color’s fault so do not lose any sleep over it.

Sometimes, during the course of using many different colors, you will hate some colors of your new gel manicures. Do not be so aggravated. If the color of your new gel manicure is for an important event, you might have to have it removed and put the new one on. Other times, you can camouflage it with a new color, glitters, or some of your favorite designs.

It will make the new gel colors a little more tolerable.

And you can always remove it tomorrow.

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Happy gelling.

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