A well-manicured set of nails tell a lot about a lady. Despite there are countless elaborate nail design ideas and long trendy shapes, some still want to have their artificial nails look classy.

Classy acrylic nails are the result of carefully combining appropriate acrylic nail shapes, lengths, and polish colors. These artificially enhanced nails project an elegant image on nails and make the person who wears them look polished, graceful, and sophisticated.

If you are feeling a little classy and want acrylic nails, here are some tips on the nail sizes and shapes, as well as the colors and simple designs that will help you select the best combination so you will be happy with your classy acrylic nails after you get them.

Classy acrylic nails

Classy nails’ lengths tend to be medium, not too long, and not too short.

Short nails project an image of an active personality, and long nails tell a story about nails, not the person.

Medium length is the perfect length to show a classy look. A lady with medium-length nails can still be functional with her hands and implies that she is stylish at the same time.

That is not to say that all classy acrylic nails have to be medium lengths, you can create a classy look on short nails too.

Natural classy short acrylic nails

If you prefer short nails, you can still have a classy look but you have to choose your nail shape and color carefully.

Short nails are, well, shorter than long nails so they do not have a lot to show for. Therefore, picking an appropriate shape and color will compensate for this size disadvantage.

Shapes of classy acrylic nails

The timeless three classy nail shapes are:

  1. Round
  2. Square with rounded corners
  3. Oval

Other shapes like a stiletto, coffin, or ballerina are trendy and do not give the nails a truly classy look.

Colors for classy acrylic nails

Generally, you should pick colors that are not too strong or loud that are screaming for attention like bright red, yellow, or orange.

Classy colors are the ones that blend in, only when someone looks at them on nails, they can tell that the color is speaking back subtly. You can see through this list to find your favorite classy color.

Light shades on pink, gray, lavender, cream, ivory, aqua.

Pastels are also a great color for an elegant look.

Classy Christmas acrylic nails

People normally want to have classy-acrylic-nails on their hands during the holiday seasons or big events like class reunions because they want to project an image of an established, mature, stylish, sophisticated, and elegant personality.

Here are some examples of different classy acrylic nails for your viewing. I hope you find your favorite ones that will go with your fingers that you like.

Classy long acrylic nails

This goes well with taller ladies. You will want your nails to be comparable with your tall figure.

Simple classy acrylic nails

Less is more. This is what these simple but classy acrylic nails are about.

Classy natural acrylic nails

Light colors that go with or complement your skin tone are the best. They project graceful and polished personalities.

Elegant acrylic nails

A few rhinestones that are strategically placed will make the acrylic nails so elegant. You can achieve the same result with a light coat of glitters or gold/silver strips.

Classy elegant coffin nails

If you want to be a little trendy on the shape, coffin acrylic nails that can be classy and elegant.

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Photo by Chelson Tamares on Unsplash

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