You are about to start doing acrylic nails, and you have everything out on the nail table, but you realize that you do not have enough acrylic liquid monomer. Can you use acetone to apply acrylic powder instead of the monomer?

Can you use acetone to apply acrylic powder?

No. Acetone can not be used to apply acrylic powder because it is a strong solvent that will dissolve the acrylic powder and turn it into a mixture of acetone and acrylic powder. This mixture is not the same as the end product of a chemically exothermic reaction when combining acrylic powder and acrylic liquid.

Acrylic nails are the end product of combing acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. After these two acrylic components go through an exothermic reaction when adding one to the other, the combined product will be in a solid stage.

Adding acetone to acrylic powder is like adding sugar to water. It will not create any chemical reaction to cause the acrylic powder to become solid. The acrylic powder will just suspend in acetone. Therefore, acrylic powder in acetone will not become solid to be filed and shaped into a nail.

What about non-acetone polish remover?

Can you use nail polish remover to apply acrylic powder?

Again, the answer is still a no. Non-acetone or regular nail polish removers do not chemically react with acrylic powder to create a solid product. Like acetone, non-acetone nail polish removers will dissolve the acrylic powder, not react to form a combined solid substance.

If you were to add a lot of powder to acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover, you would get a paste-like product, thus makes it impossible to create tough acrylic nails in solid form.

Can you use alcohol for acrylic nails?

Alcohol is another solution that does not react with acrylic powder to create a new product in solid form. You can try adding the powder to alcohol to see for yourself, but it will have paste-like, not a solid product.

What can you use if you do not have acrylic liquid?

If you do not have acrylic liquid, you should wait until you can get some. Trying to do acrylic nails that you do not have both ingredients is impossible.

What liquid is used to apply acrylic powder?

Two different types of acrylic liquids can be used with acrylic powder. They are called by their main ingredients, MMA and EMA.

MMA: the main ingredient in this type of acrylic liquid is methyl methacrylate. This type of acrylic liquid was widely used in the nail industry until it was prohibited by the FDA.

EMA: the main ingredient in this type of acrylic liquid is ethyl methacrylate. This liquid is an approved FDA product.

Can you use different brands of acrylic powder and liquid?

All acrylic nail brands should have similar acrylic ingredients. They should be able to be interchanged, theoretically. However, as one manufacturer tries to market its acrylic nail brand to a specific group of users, its acrylic nail system is slightly different from the others.

Different acrylic nail brands are advertised under how they are used and under different temperatures or seasons. Generally, they are called:

  • All-season acrylic systems: acrylics can be used year-round
  • Fast-set acrylic systems: they enable the user to quickly create acrylic nails.
  • Odorless acrylics: the liquid monomer does not have a strong odor, suitable for limited ventilation areas.

So trying to use one acrylic powder brand with another acrylic liquid monomer will give you a chemical reaction that creates solid acrylic nails. However, how quickly or slowly the acrylics will set, how close the application will be to using just one brand can not be predicted.

Where to buy acrylic liquid monomer?

Again, you can not use acrylic powder without a monomer. Trying to do so is not possible, and it just causes you more headaches and ruins your acrylic nails.

You can go back to the nail supply store that you bought your acrylics from, or you can go online and buy it from their websites. Most major nail manufacturers have their acrylic nail systems available for purchase on their websites or on Amazon.

If you are serious about acrylic nails, I recommend the Young Nails brand. The company started in 1996 and created a top-of-the-line acrylic nail system.

You can go wrong with an acrylic nail system with a long history.

You can purchase its acrylic nail systems on Amazon.

Try to stay with one brand name. You will know how the product works and its characteristics and be confident in its quality and the valuable acrylic nail skill you acquired by doing numerous acrylic nail applications.


So, there you are. You will better wait until you have acrylic powder and acrylic liquid monomer to do acrylic nails. Without one or the other, you will be wasting your time trying to do the impossible.

Happy acrylic nails!

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