Broken nails can happen to anyone, young or old, male or female. Sometimes, the breaks are negligible at the free edges. Other times, the breaks are inside the nail beds that can cause pain or bleeding.

Acrylic nails are a superior product to mend or repair a broken natural nail. Their strength and durability help a broken or cracked nail retain its shape and prevent the break from getting worse until it grows out and can be trimmed away.

Can I still get acrylic nails on a broken nail?

Being the strongest nail enhancement product, you should get acrylic nails on your broken nails to protect you from any pain it might cause and to keep the length and shape as an added bonus.

Is it OK to put acrylic on a broken nail?

Acrylics are a relatively safe product to use on natural nails. I have had a chance to repair hundreds of my customers’ nails with acrylics in my nail salon and had no complications because I followed strict safety procedures and insisted my customers stick to a rigid after-care at home.





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How to fix a broken nail using acrylics

Whether you fix a nail using acrylics at home or have it repaired at a nail salonOpens in a new tab., the procedure should be the same.

There are a few different ways to fix a nail using acrylics, depending on the location of the break or crack on the nail and whether how you want to retain the shape or length of this nail.

Warning: if your broken nail is bleeding, you have to wait until it heals and stops bleeding, usually in a couple days, before you can do acrylics on this broken nail.

If the nail breaks at the free edge:

Since there is no open sore or bleeding, the repair process is easy and simple.


  1. Clean the natural nail with alcohol.
  2. If you want to extend the overall length of the nail, you can glue a nail tip and cut it to the desired length.
  3. If you do not want to add extra length and want to use just your natural nail, you can shape it with a nail file to your liking.
  4. Blend in the seam with a medium grit nail file and remove the shine on the natural nail and brush off the dust.
  5. Apply dehydrator/pH balance and let dry.
  6. Apply acrylic primer and let dry.
  7. Apply acrylics over the entire natural nail/tip area and let dry for at least 3 minutes or until it becomes completely solid. You can put acrylics on this nail the same way you would like any other nail.
  8. Clean up the excess on the cuticle and shape the nail so it will look the same as the others.
  9. Buff the new nail to desired smoothness.

If the nail breaks or splits inside the nail bed area:

If you have a nail that breaks in the nail bed, treat it as an open wound even it does not hurt or burn with alcohol.

If the break or crack is small that the outer part is still attached firmly with the rest of the nail, you can apply acrylics over this nail the same way you would if the nail breaks at the free edge.

If the break or crack is long and the outer part is dangling, you have to secure it before you can put acrylics onto the entire nail.

To secure this piece of nail, you can either add just enough nail glue or a small bead of acrylics so the broken nail will be held firmly in place.

Whether you are using nail glue or a bead of acrylics, you should hold it in place until the glue drys or the bead becomes completely solid.

File down the acrylic bead somewhat with a nail file if it looks too high or thick.

Now you can go ahead and fix this nail using the procedure of repairing a broken nail at the free edge above.

How long will acrylics need to stay on a broken nail?

The location of the break or crack dictates how long the acrylics need to be on the nail.

If the break at the free edge, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks for the broken nail to grow out long enough to be the same length as other nails.

If the break is inside the nail bed area, it will take from 4 to 8 weeks for the crack to grow out far enough that it can be trimmed off.

If the acrylics stay on for more than 2 weeks, you need to do an acrylic fill-in for this nail so it will be sturdy for the next 2 weeks.

Keep giving this broken nail every 2 weeks until the crack can be cut away.

How to remove acrylics on a broken nail

When it is safe or the crack is trimmed away, you can remove acrylics on your broken nail.

The technique is the same as that of removing normal acrylic nails.

The best way is to soak it in acetone that is kept warm by an extra hot water bowl.

Scrape the softened acrylics off your nail using an orange-wood stick or cuticle pusher every 5 minutes until no more acrylics on your nail.

Clean the nail with fresh acetone and wash with soap and water.

Can I still do acrylic nails on a broken nail?

You can put acrylics over a broken nail as long as it is not an open wound or bleeding. If you have one that feels burn when you clean it with alcohol, you should wait a few days until the wound is healed or the bleeding stops at least 48 hours.


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How much is it to fix a broken nail?

If you have a broken nail and it bothers you so much. As long as the break does not make you bleed you can safely go to a nail salon to have it fixed by applying acrylic nails.

Generally, the cost of repair one broken nail with acrylic nails is between $3 to $5 and the process of putting acrylics over your broken nail only takes less than 5 minutes without polishing.

For a price of a cup of coffee, you will not have any pain caused by this broken nail.

If you are a man, do not feel intimidated by going to a nail salon. You will be glad that you did after this broken nail issue is taken care of for the next two weeks.

While you are in there, you might indulge yourself with a manicure or a pedicure.

Your broken nail will stop causing you any more pain and the acrylics will stop it from getting any worse and minimize the chance of you getting an infection.

Happy nail mending.

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