Acrylics are one of the popular nail enhancement products. Not only they can be applied on fingernails, but people also apply acrylics on their toenails to make them pretty also.

Acrylic toes or acrylic toenails are natural toenails that are extended with acrylics so they will have desired shapes and lengths just like they are used on fingernails. The main purpose of acrylic application on toenails is to artificially enhance their overall look when these natural toenails do not always look evenly or pretty.

Can you get acrylics on your toes?

You can put acrylics on your toes just like you would on your fingernails. Acrylics will give your toenails the desired shapes and lengths that your natural toenails do not have.

Since applying acrylics on fingernails are an involved process, it should only be carried out by a nail professional, doing acrylic toenails at home yourself is not recommended because you will have to bend over for the whole process which is not very comfortable.

Also, you have to do it with your nails pointing away from you, which is not the same way you would normally do acrylics on your fingernails.

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How do acrylic toenails are done?

Similar to applying acrylics on fingernails, acrylics on toes are either done by using nail tips, which is much easier, or by sculpturing which employs the use of nail forms which is more involved and time-consuming.

As I mentioned before, acrylic toenails should only be done by a nail technician because the process is involved and it is not a comfortable position if you do it yourself. However, you should know some key facts about acrylic toenail application.


The procedure for acrylic toenails is the same as that for doing acrylics on fingernails except with a couple of key important steps:

Usually, acrylics are applied on toenails after the feet are washed, or after a pedicure. Either way, the toenails are wet. The longer they are soaked in water, the longer it will take for them to be completely dry. This dryness of the toenails is crucial in the durability of acrylic toenails.

Make sure that you give your toenails about ten minutes to dry. You can use a fan to speed it up.

You then apply a dehydrator/ph balance solution on toenails and let dry.

If you extend the toenails with sculpturing, it will take longer since you have to use a nail form and position it into place on each toe.

When do you must do sculpture on toenails? You need to use a nail form in the case where a big toenail is bigger than the biggest size nail tip or it is too short to put a nail tip on.

It will take less time to extend a toenail by gluing a nail tip on since you do not have to hold it, keep it in place until the acrylic is set.

If you do use a nail tip to extend a toenail, it is easier to leave the whole length of this nail tip. This will help to prevent acrylics from going under the nail tip which would be hard to remove later if it were to cut short. You can cut or trim this nail tip to desired length and shape after acrylics are set.

After acrylics are applied, shape and cut the acrylic toenails so they look the same as the others. Try not to have sharp edges or corners as they will catch on clothes or socks and cause breakage.

Buff them smooth and remove dust by alcohol and let dry.

You now can apply polish of your choice.

Why do you need acrylic toes?

People put acrylic on their toenails for two reasons:

  1. To repair a broken toenail.
  2. To quickly get beautiful, longer length toenails without having to wait a couple months for the natural toenails to grow.

Can I put acrylics on my big toes?

Acrylics on big toes are the most popular service as far as acrylics on toes. If the two big toes do not look the same, they draw attention to the feet. Therefore, many people opt to have acrylics on one of their big toenails so it will look the same as the other. This quick, less expensive option creates a great overall look of the feet and toenails.

So if one of your big toenails is different in shape and length from the other, you only need to use acrylics to extend one big toenail and shape it so it will look even with the other provided that you are happy with the other eight toenails.

Acrylic full set on toenails

For some people, they want to have the best look of their toenails, then an acrylic full set on all ten nails is used.

The final appearance of an acrylic full set on toenails would be far better than the normal toenails, however, this is the most expensive way to do acrylic on toenails and will take at least an hour to finish.

Is acrylic on your toes bad?

No. If acrylics are good for fingernails, they are good for your toenails also. However, there are a few things that you should consider when having acrylic toenails done like toenails are subject to rubbing inside of shoes so shapes and lengths must be taken into account.

The two possible mishaps that can happen to acrylic toenails are:

Long toenails can catch on things and could cause breakage.

Long toenails create a larger gap where moisture stays on longer which can be a good place for fungus to grow.

How long do acrylic toes last?

If acrylic toenails are properly applied using appropriate shapes and lengths, they should last a month before they need an acrylic fill-in. The reason for this is toenails normally grow slower than fingernails and they are not subject to manual actions like acrylics on fingernails have to go through.

How much does it cost to get acrylic on your toes?

Applying acrylics on toenails required an experienced nail tech and he or she has to do it in an awkward position, looking down on the toenails, not the same way of applying acrylics on fingernails which usually is done at a nail table where they are almost at an eye level.

That is why acrylics on toes are typically more expensive. From my experience, most nail salons will have a surcharge of about 30 percent more to put acrylics on toenails than their regular price of an acrylic full set on fingernails.

Typically, the price of an acrylic full set on toenails will be between $40 to $60, depending on where you live.

To do acrylics on one big toe, nail salons will charge between $5 to $10.

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White acrylic toes

One of the most classic colors for toenails is white.

You can either use white color to create a french manicure look, which is always in style and would go well with any outfit.

Many people put white french manicures on both of their fingernails and toenails.

Other people like to polish the acrylic toenails with white. This will show off their pretty, even look of their overall acrylic toenail set.

One reminder though, white color will turn to yellow when it is exposed to the sun or when you apply sun block over it.

Artificial toenails for missing toenails

Any kind of artificial nails to put over a missing toenail need to have some nail to adhere to. This is where the fake nail will be able to stick on.

Can you put acrylics on toes without nails? Acrylics need to adhere to natural nails to be able to stay long. Without natural nails, acrylics will fall off also.

When one of my customers lost a big toenail wanted to go out with her feet looking decent, I would wrap a nude color bandage across her toenail and put polish over the bandage of the toe where the nail should be. This created an illusion that a nail was there, only if you look close enough then you could tell.

The color only stayed on the bandage for a day or two, which accomplished its temporary purpose.

If you have a partial toenail, you can either put a nail tip or attach a nail form and apply acrylics over it. Do keep in mind that this acrylic toenail has a weak bond so be extra careful not to jam it, wear tight or closed-toe shoes.

The fastest way to put an artificial toenail for a missing toenail is to use press on nails. You can quickly apply a press on nail that are made for toenails with glue, some even come with adhesive strips. Paint all your nails with nail polish, let dry and you are ready to go out.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary fix and you do it for a special occasion. If you artificial toenails stay after that, they serve their purpose.

Can acrylic on toes cause fungus?

One drawback with acrylics on toes is they can cause fungus easier than it is on fingernails. Acrylic toenails can cause fungus because feet are in shoes all day and moisture under these long acrylic toenails will stay on longer so algae will grow and develop into fungus.

In this sense, acrylic toes nails do not cause fungus. It is the moisture associated with long toenails that keep moisture together with the warmth of the feet that facilitate fungus growth.

Why do your acrylic toenails hurt?

Your acrylic toenails hurt for two possible reasons:

The person who did your acrylic toenails filed too much on your natural toenails and heavy-handed while he or she was shaping the nails.

Your new acrylic toenails were too long for your shoes.

How to take care of your acrylic toenails?

Acrylic toenails are fake nails that are put on toenails to achieve one purpose: to enhance the look of the feet. However, people who have acrylic toenails will have to pay attention to how they would fit into their normal lifestyles. Too long acrylic toenails might interfere with shoes that these people normally wear and these long toenails will keep the moisture under these toenails long enough that algae will start growing and develop into fungus.

What you should do with acrylic toenails?

  • Do wear them long enough that they will not interfere with the shoes that you wear frequently.
  • Do get an acrylic fill-in after a month and trim or file them to remove the growth.
  • Be careful when you walk barefoot, especially when you are walking on the carpet because these long toenails could catch on the carpet fibers and they will pull on the nails and cause them to break. Worse yet, it might pull your natural toenails away from your toes.
  • After a shower or bath, do let your feet and toenails dry completely before putting on shoes for the day. You can dry them faster by using a q-tip to wipe across and under the extended tips. You can also use a hairdryer set at low heat and high speed to blow dry these acrylic toenails for about three minutes.
  • Wear them during warmer seasons so you can use sandals, flip flops, or open-toe shoes.

What you should not do with acrylic toenails?

  • Do not wear square shapes with sharp corners as they will catch on clothes and carpet. Flat nail shapes with round corners work best on toes.
  • Do not wear them too long.
  • If you have a habit of putting on lotion on your feet after a shower or bath, do not let it get under these toenails as they will trap the moisture and keep them from drying out.
  • Do not have acrylic toenails done in the winter or cold weather because they will be inside of shoes and you will not have a lot of chances to show them off.
  • Do not try to peel them off. The bond between the acrylics and the natural nails can be stronger than your natural nails. If you peel them off, you might peel some or all of your nails too and this will ruin the overall shapes and lengths of your toenails that you employed acrylics to achieve in the first place.


Now you know all there is to know about acrylic toenails.

The main reason anyone would put acrylics on her toes is to make them pretty and to show them off. Just as acrylics on fingernails, acrylic toenails make you feel more feminine or lady-like.

Now you know how to take care of your acrylic toenails and if you do it right, you will enjoy them and will be to avoid many situations that could break these acrylic toenails and hurt you.

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Acrylic toe nails near me

Doing acrylics on toes requires a complete knowledge and experience and not just any nail tech can do it. You should call a nail salon ahead of time to ask whether they can do it so you will not step into any surprises.

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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