If you are a guy and you are here, you wonder what acrylic nails can do to a man’s nails. You will know whether these acrylic nails you think are supposed for ladies are also applicable to men.

Men get acrylic nails for various reasons, but the main ones are to help protect their nails.

Acrylic nails are one good artificial nail enhancement product. Like women, men can wear them to protect their thin, weak nails. Other men wear them to project their personal preference or just to have fun. Acrylic nails are more receptive among men for those reasons.

Acrylic nails for men: why do you need them?

It might be a surprise to you, but a male dentist created acrylicsOpens in a new tab. to fix his broken nail.

Not all men’s nails are created equal. The majority of men have thick, strong nails. Others are not so lucky. Men whose fingernails are thin do have problems with them. Their thin nails are easy to break, split or peel.

You might feel a little uneasy if you see guys with acrylic nails and your first thought about him is he is anything but normal. However, some men do wear acrylic nails to protect their nails from breaking or splitting.

Men get acrylic nails to protect their natural thin nails

I used to have a few customers who were hairstylists and barbers. They would come in every two weeks to get their acrylic nails touched up, just like ladies who had acrylic nails. These men have thin natural nails which always crack, split, chip, or break, and these damaged nails do not project a good professional image of their owners.

Moreover, these damaged nails sometimes have sharp corners. When they cut hair for their customers, these sharp points can scratch and hurt them, which them feel embarrassed because the customers might think that their hairstylists or barber did not take good care of their hands.

Another more serious problem was when this hairstylist washed their customers’ hair, the hair might get caught in these sharp corners and pull hard on the hair. Worse yet, the hair could slice the thin nails and cause bleeding.

Acrylic nails help these men strengthen their nails and maintain a normal nail shape that they would not be embarrassed to show them.

These men get short acrylic nails that are natural-looking, that it was hard to tell whether they are fake at first glance.

Artificial nails are a necessity for these men, and acrylic nails help them do their jobs better. Acrylic nails also protect their nails from breaking or spitting, which sometimes can cause bleeding and prevent infection.

If you happen to have a broken nail, you can have it fixedOpens in a new tab. using acrylic for only a few dollars.

Acrylic nails for men who are nail biters

Men get acrylic nails to stop their nail-biting habit.

Once in a while, I have men who needed acrylic nails to kick their bad nail-biting habit.

Usually, their wives would make a nail appointment. The husbands had to be accompanied by their wives because if they did not come together, the husband would never set foot in a nail salon.

Some of these men bit their nails to the nubs, and they decided that it was time for them to stop this bad habit. Their wives had seen how well acrylic nails helped other female nail bitters stop biting their nails, so they brought their husbands in to get acrylic nails. They hoped that the nails on their husbands’ nails would grow back with acrylic nails on them after a few months.

And maybe, after they saw how nice their natural nails look after the acrylics were removed, they would not want to ruin their new nails by biting their nails again.

In less than an hour, these men got the transformation from having no nails to having well-manicured hands with acrylic nails.

These acrylic nails reminded them how their nails used to look before they bit them.

This gave them another reason not to bite their nails again.


Acrylic nails for men who want to show personal preferences

The number of men who wear acrylic nails to show off their personal preference only takes up a small number, but the trend is increasing.

As society is getting more receptive, more men use their nails to express themselves.

It could be daring, just for fun, or to define characters.

You can sometimes see singers, celebrities, etc., wear colorful long fake nails. To them, acrylic nails might be just the exclamation point they need to complete their overall appearance.

Watch this short video. It is one of many on YouTube.


Whatever the reason, men start getting into acrylic nails.

About two decades ago, tattoos were macho men’s way to express themselves. But now, tattoos are popular among women also. These women use these tattoo inks for whatever reason they want, be it an anniversary, birthday, a beautiful image to remind them of something or someone, to name a few.

Unlike tattoos, you can take your acrylic nails offOpens in a new tab. whenever you want. Your nails will grow back normal because acrylic nails are not a permanent thing. They only stay on your nails as long as you want them to.

Do not let the women have all the fun with acrylic nails or use them to protect your nails.

You can have it too, and no one is going to stop you.

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