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Choosing the best credit card processor or your mobile nail business is not an easy task as many financial institutions are trying to win your business.

One company that dedicates to small business owners such as a mobile nail technician is Square because it has many great features like no start-up cost, no add-on fees, competitive per-transaction rates, and no maintenance cost. These features help nail technicians who run a small mobile nail business keep these costs down.

I will go into more detail how Square started, its simple fee structures and low rates make it the obvious choice for mobile nail technicians to pick this company for their credit card processing needs.

If you are serious about growing your mobile nail business then you must be able to accept credit cards. You should spend time to learn about the credit card processing company you choose to do business with so you know all about its features and pricing.

The rest of this article will explain why Square is the overall best credit card processing company. So do read it in its entirety. In less than 3 minutes, you should have a good understanding of this company.

About the leading credit card processing company: Square

Company profile

Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey started in 2009. Jack Dorsey is the CEO of the company and he is also the CEO of Twitter. So the company is backed by big names. The company headquarters in San Francisco, California. In October 2015, Square Inc. filed an IPO with the New York Stock Exchange. The company made 4.7 billion USD in 2019 so it is not going away anytime soon.

Financial services that Square provides

Square has a variety of services that consist of financial, merchant and mobile payments. It designs its software and manufacture hardware or credit card terminals for small business applications. In the scope of this article, I will only go into the features that will benefit and relate to independent or mobile nail technicians.

Square’s credit-card process is the best for a small business

Square allows you to take payments any way you want: as you might have heard about Square and seen its cute little white magnetic card reader that someone attaches to his or her mobile phone to make a credit card transaction. Having an account, you have different ways to enter your transactions.

The usual swipe: easily accept your customer’s credit card with a swiping action using a free Square credit card reader.

Key-in: you can also manually enter a credit card information on a Square’s mobile app installed by you on your phone.

Send receipts digitally: you can send receipts to your customers’ email inbox or text message as proof of payment. In most cases, your customer’s bank also notifies her of the transaction with an email. As an additional feature, your customers can even leave you private feedback directly through their digital receipt.

Furthermore, this acts as a record of service. If your customers have a question about past transactions, you will be able to retrieve this payment to find out who and what services you have provided.

It is easier for your customers to give tips: as a bonus, Square app has the option for your customers to put tips right on the device in one easy step. It helps you increase the total money you can bring in from one customer.

Accept chip cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay: with a Square Reader for contactless and chip-embedded cards, you can connect wirelessly to your device to accept payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and chip-embedded cards. But this feature requires a different adapter or reader. It is called a Square Reader. However, it costs $49.

For beginners or those who do not want to carry around another gadget, you do not have to buy this because you can still enter the card information manually. The transaction fee will be 3.5% and 15 cents.

Trust-worthy security: credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. Square doesn’t store card data on your mobile device after payment is processed. This is called end-to-end encrypted hardware and software.

Square engineers incorporate security into every product they design and make from the ground up with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, so there is no lengthy security configuration process in which errors can develop.

Furthermore, Square makes all essential security components themselves so that they control, monitor and improve them all in-house and leave no chance for a third-party’s mistakes had they outsourced their software.

Another security feature is coverage for data security (PCI) compliance. Square has complied with these data requirements as a financial institution.

Ability to make the transaction online or offline: in case there is no internet connection, square payment can be processed in an offline mode and the same fee is still applied. This is called Integrated online or offline payments. Even though you do not have the internet on your phone, the Square app can still save credit-card payments and process them later.

No charging necessary: square credit card reader fits right in your pocket, and with and it only uses power from the mobile phone when attached so there is no need to keep it charged. It is ready to process payments for you whenever you are.

Simple and transparent fee structure

You only have to pay for a credit card processing fee when you make a transaction. No other fees like monthly fees, maintaining fees, monthly statement fees or others. So you can be sure that you do not have to pay for them when you have no credit-card sales or just a few.

Quick all-in-one setup online

The online application is short and simple so you can be done in a few minutes. As opposed to going to your local bank or other online credit-card processors which you might have to make an appointment to talk to a bank representative or lengthy forms, Square’s application process is much faster.

Square’s best start-up kit for mobile nail techs is FREE

When you decide to sign up for service on the Square’s website, I would recommend you choose the free and basic square credit-card reader. This way, you will be ready to process credit card through an app which you will install on your mobile phone and you do not have to pay for anything.

Another good thing about this basic credit card reader is small that you can put it in your purse and when you are ready to take payment, you can attach it to your mobile phone ant the app can start to accept payment.

In short, you do not have to spend any money upfront to give you the ability to process your customers’ credit cards.

Another good thing is you can start taking credit card charges by manually enter your customers’ card information in the Square mobile phone app while waiting for your first free card credit card reader to arrive.

Exceptional features of a Square’s online app for a mobile nail technician

  • Free and easy-to-use app
  • Get set up fast with no training required
  • No bulky equipment to carry around. Your mobile phone is an MPOS or mobile point-of-sale terminal. The company developed a user-friendly mobile point-of-sale app that makes it possible.
  • Active fraud prevention and notification in case of suspicious activity
  • You can also take advance payment with credit/debit cards over the phone or online. It minimizes last-minute cancellations.

How much does it cost to use Square’s credit-card processing service

Here is the breakdown cost of using Square’s app:

  • No contracts or early termination fees
  • No setup or start-up fees
  • No monthly payment processing fees
  • No refund fees
  • No statement or reporting fees
  • No additional fees for American Express, corporate
  • Next-business-day transfers for no additional fee
  • No charge for a first credit-card reader

You do not have to pay anything to sign up and you will receive your first card reader in the mail.

The per-transaction fee that is the only one fee you should pay (as of this writing) is 2.6% plus 10 cents for each successful transaction.

If you do not have a credit card payment option for your customers, you should have one. It will show your customers that you are serious about your mobile nail business, not just a freelancer.

Square is a great backup credit-card processor to have

If you already have a credit card processing service, then having Square as an alternative backup is a good idea in case your regular system has some issues such as the software crashes, printer breaks or no internet connection.

Now you know all the useful features of Square’s credit card processing service that are beneficial and useful to a mobile nail business. If you still have a particular question that I have not covered, you can find the answer on the company website.

Should Square be your first or back up credit-card processor?

Choosing the best payment processing company can be overwhelming with different features and new technical terms. After you have gone this far, you should have an idea of how a Square’s service is a great asset to a mobile nail technician.

Square offers all those great features to you at no initial cost and you only pay for them when you use it to take payment. Therefore, it is the best credit-card processor to have on your mobile phone as a primary option or a back up one.

It only takes a few minutes to apply for it right on your cell phone, go to the home page and do it now. You will bring your mobile nail business to the next level: your business can accept credit-card payment.

It should make you feel good about this accomplishment: discover the best credit card processing company for your nail business.

Another thing to consider is right now Square has a lot of fees waived. I believe given the fact that the company is still young (formed in 2009), it wants to give out many incentives to attract new businesses so it can gain market share to establish themselves as an industry leader.

However, after they reach this milestone, I think they will stop offering no-fee features and convert them into with-fee ones to increase their profits. Hopefully, they will give a break to their existing customers and grandfather in their old no-fee features for them. It is just my thought so do not hold your breath or me responsible.

So take advantage of a good freebie that seldom comes your way, sign up for your free Square credit-card reader today.

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