People pay more attention to their nails during summer than in other seasons because it is a fun time of the year and it makes them want to have good-looking and fun nails. These fun nails will make a wearer feel good by looking at them and also make good impressions and strike up a conversation.

What are summer nails?

Summer nails involve a nail makeover using brighter colors that correspond to the warm weather and an active, fun summer mood. These bright shades of colors are often used over dull ones to reflect the wearer’s happiness, positive and easy-going feelings.

The feelings and activities involved during this season are often about fun, excitement, and relaxation. Most people consider summer to be their vacation and holiday time. The colorful nails will enhance the positive feelings and fun moments.

For some people, summer is a fun season and might be the only time they can have colorful nails so they want to jazz up their nails for it.

Effects of summer nails on people

These colorful summer nails have a positive psychological effect on both the wearer and observers. Due to the brightness and fun to look at nature, they might draw attention from other people who are likely to give positive comments to the wearer.

The attention drawn may be a source of confidence to the wearer. This is a positive psychological effect.

It has been proven that light and sunny colors create a relaxing environment.

Getting your nails done during summertime is one good way to reward yourself and give yourself a lift after a long period of cold, dull winter.

Some people can not wear artificial nails or have colorful nail polish. However, they can get their nails done for summer vacation without having them interfere with work.

Warm weather also enhances the growth of nails. The science behind this is that the sunlight helps our body create vitamin d which is beneficial for nail growth.

Summer nail colors

Nails for summer come in many different colors, shades, and hues. Many people will settle for bright, light, and sunny primary or baby colors. These include yellow, neon, plum, pink, red, and other illuminating shades.

Different nail colors for summer paint different pictures of your personality as well as your mood.

Yellow paint the wearer as spontaneous, daring, and speaks of a sense of style that’s unique. It also depicts warmth and brings out the wearer’s attitude as friendly and approachable.

Hot pink gives the wearer a playful image to their audience. It depicts the fun and gives one confidence to be part of the happy crowd.

Neon nail color is the life of the party. They make the wearers appear lively and approachable.

You can pick any of the color options that are available:

  • Regular polish
  • Gel polish
  • Dipping powder or SNS.

More often than not, colorful nails are conversation starters. They are a good way to make strangers become friends who also have the same interests as you do. 

Lengths of summer nails

Summer nails can be either short or long, depending on your preference and mood.

If you prefer long nails, you can have yours polished to your desired shade and have different designs.

If your natural nails are too short, you can put on a set of artificial nails to make them longer.

Just make sure that you give yourself time to adjust to having longer nails so you will not break them.

Shapes of summer nails

The most popular trendy nail shapes for summer 2021 are coffins and followed by stiletto or ballerina.

Others include square, squoval, almond, oval, and round. However, you can have any shapes on your nails that reflect your personality without worrying if they are out of style.

Summer nail designs

Nail arts or designs for summer can be anything that you want to have to make you happy. Accessories such as glitters, rhinestones, golden/ silver strips, and different nail jewelry can be used to add more fun and exciting look to the nails.

Glitters and sparkling shades add glamour and a sense of style to your appearance. It creates a bold and luxurious look that boosts your esteem a notch higher.

The accessorizing possibilities are diverse and many so you can choose one to create a message regarding your personality and mood to make these summer-inspired nails uniquely yours.

In general, you can base your nail designs by following one of these ideas:

  • Simple designs
  • Cute nail ideas
  • Beach nail ideas
  • Fun summer nails
  • Bright summer nails

Have a great fun summer.

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