NailsFAQ: your grandparents can enjoy some good pedicures too.

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for a gift to surprise your grandparents.

In 1978 President Jimmy Carter designated the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparent’s Day. Even though they have their own day to celebrate each year, you should try to more by making every chance you get your grandparent’s day. Like many of us, you are so busy keeping up with your modern lives that you do not spend enough time with your beloved grandparents.

Granted that your grandparents have seen and done a lot in their lives. A pedicure may be the best gift you can give them who might tell you say they have everything. Whether they have had them before or not, your grandparents will enjoy and receive all the benefits a pedicure has to offers.

If you have never had a pedicure before, find out what it is why it is the best gift and maybe you can have one yourself when you decide to treat them to a pedicure.

Your grandparents enjoy how relaxing pedicure is

Whether it is their first time or not, most will enjoy the pedicure experience. It might be a while since they had someone take care of their feet while they are sitting comfortably in a massage chair.

Secondly, salons that cater to seniors know how fragile and delicate they are emotionally and physically so they will go out of their ways to treat your grandparents.

These two factors will make them feel like a queen or king.

Chance to spend time with you

If they are hesitant, offer that you will also get a pedicure with them. Your grandparents were most likely to babysit you when you were little. This time together will not only a great time to reflex and a place to show others they are proud of you.

Social connection

When your grandparents can not drive themselves to go wherever they want anymore, they are confined in their houses. This usually makes them sad because they can no longer do things that they used to do before.

When you take them out for a pedicure, two great things happen to them. In addition to having their feet pampered, sitting for a pedicure at a salon gives them a chance to socialize and interact with other people. This helps to boost their egos and ease the feeling of being isolated in their own house.

Maintaining good foot hygiene

Everybody needs to trim his or her toenails regularly. For the elderly, it is sometimes impossible for them to bend down and reach their toes because of their limited bodily motions. If your grandparents are in this age category and need to keep up the overall well being of their feet, they need pedicures more than any other age group. For them, it is not a luxury but rather a necessity.

Besides the fact that it is difficult to bend over trying to reach their toenails, bad eye sights further inhibit them from cutting their own toenails.

Regular pedicure services will maintain great overall foot hygiene for your grandparents.

Eliminate foot odor

Regular removal of dead skin, sweat, and trimmed toenails will reduce chances for odor-causing bacteria to develop.

Your grandparents can not reach their feet and toenails due to limited hand and feet motion. Also, excessive sweat on the feet, dead skin that is not removed often will develop odor-causing bacteria.

Gentle scrubbing in water with pedicure salt, soap will help reduce the foot odor issue.

Correct minor foot and toenail issues before they become major ones

A pedicurist can work on thick skin, callouses, corns, bruises, long toenails to remove all the minor issues that cause pains. Not only these pains will hurt your grandparents as they walk, but they will also cause unnecessary strains on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and up to the spine.

Toe and foot pains are not normal and if these issues are so severe that the pedicurist can not work on them, your grandparents should visit a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Infection prevention

A pedicurist will be able to trim and remove all the dead skin builds up under the toenails and clean and remove excess cuticles, thoroughly scrubbing away all the dead skin on the feet, between the toes. There will eliminate all bacteria or fungus that causes infections.

Before doing anything, a pedicurist will do a visual check for signs of abnormalities or infections. They can be a cut, open sores, blisters, cracked skins or discolored nails. If any of these conditions are visible, the pedicurist will be able to inform your parents so they can visit a podiatrist for treatment.

Exfoliate and moisturize the feet

Dead skin is removed and with the application of a good moisturizer, dry skin of their feet will receive much-needed nutrients. They also help to promote new cell growth so their feet will maintain their softness, and keep the good look longer.

This is important for people who live in severe cold winter.

Moreover, softer feet will reduce the chance of cracks or skin splitting on the heels so infection is avoided.

Improve lower leg circulation

As your grandparents age, their blood circulation to the feet is reduced.

High blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, etc. can even reduce blood flow to the legs and feet.

If your grandparents have any of those existing conditions, it is essential to keep their feet and toenails in good health. Regular pedicures will help maintain their feet well-being and a pedicurist can also determine if any problems arise and inform you or your parents promptly.

Also, a foot massage associated with a pedicure also helps reduces tensions on the feet. The rubbing motion will increase blood flow and relax all the old joints and ligaments. Increase blood flow will carry more nutrients to those tissues and muscles in the feet and improve their health.

According to the American Pediatric Medical Association, most of us in the U.S. walk about 75,000 miles by the time we reach 50 years old, carrying our body weight around all those years.

As for your grandparents, there is a lot of wear and tear on the lower part of their body, especially toes, feet, and ankles. Furthermore, they might not have enough exercise for their legs to build up strong leg muscles.

Regular pedicures for them will help maintain their toes and feet in good conditions so they can enjoy their health and independence longer.

Early detection of diseases and disorders

An experienced pedicurist should be able to tell by just looking at a senior’s feet that whether his/her feet have any issues related or caused by any of the following:

Heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, athlete’s foot, corn and callouses, psoriasis, excessive sweating of the feet, toenails fungus, ingrown toenails, among other things.

He or she can decide whether a pedicure can safely be done at a salon. If not, the client is advised to see a podiatrist.

Bring pedicures to your grandparents

If your grandparents are homebound, they can get pedicure through mobile pedicure services. These services are provided either by nail salons, independent mobile manicurists or companies that specialize in in-home nail care services.

You can contact any of these establishments and ask if they provide service to your area. Do check for credibility and references if there are any. Once you decide on who will come to the house to give you parents a pedicure, plan to be there with them so you can help answer any questions the pedicurist may have or if there is anything she needs to inform you.

Before taking your grandparents for a pedicure, check a salon out

For your grandparents’ own safety and great experience, make sure the salon you choose is a licensed, reputable one. A good salon will have these good qualities:

  • Overall cleanliness. This indicates that the salon cares about its image and follows a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Good sanitation practice. It shows that the salon is knowledgeable about state regulations and practices them.
  • Do have at least 4 pedicure chairs. The number shows that there are sufficient pedicure services being done at that salon.
  • Good ventilation and spacious. All the chemical fumes should be vented to avoid workers and patrons from being overly exposed. Small or cramped salons will not have enough space for grandparents who might be using canes or in a wheelchair.
  • Pedicurists speak English. It is important that they understand exactly your grandparents’ overall health so they can adjust the pedicure service appropriately.

Are pedicures safe for grandparents?

A pedicure for your grandparents should be done by an experienced, skilled pedicurist. She should have done a lot of pedicures so she knows what to do and what not to do on their delicate feet. Do request a highly-skilled pedicurist after you check out the salon using the list above.

Things to do for your grandparents after a pedicure.

After the pedicure is done, if it is possible, take them to a quick lunch at their favorite restaurant. This will end their pedicure day on an even more positive note.

In summary

Healthy feet equal happy feet.

Pedicure contributes to seniors’ overall health. This is why nowadays many assisted living communities also provide pedicure services to their residents.

Your grandparents will leave the salon feeling they have new feet, and that is why pedicure is your best gift for them.

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