Getting nails done is one of the monthly rituals for many people and having a fresh set of good-looking nails is one of the pick-me-up things that many nail lovers enjoy not only the final result but the whole process of getting their nails done. However, finding the best nail salon that is close to you is often a hit or miss.

The best nail salon near you must meet or exceed all five criteria that will ensure every customer is happy as she leaves the salon. It has to ensure customers’ safety, provide licensed and skilled nail technicians, practice great communication so customers know what to expect, treat all customers equally and at the price that they can afford.

The remaining of this article I will expand on the above five criteria. After you finish reading it, you should have a pretty good idea of how to grade your nail shop near you that you go to regularly or how to search for the best nail salon near you.

What makes a nail salon the best?

How could I tell if the nail shop near me is the best? You ask. By keeping a scorecard that consists of the five questions, you will be able to tell if your current nail salon or a new one passes with flying colors


Before a nail salon is permitted to open for business, it must pass all safety requirements.

The reason is all nail services are close-contact interactions that a nail technician has to hold customers’ hands or feet so she can provide services. Typically, this same nail technician can serve more than one person in a day so prevention of possible transmitted diseases or harmful bacteria or viruses must be enforced, according to state laws and regulations for nail salon businesses. Specifically, they are:

  • Nail tech must wash hands and sanitize the work area before serving customers
  • All used nail equipment must be cleaned with water and soap, sanitized/disinfect and put away in clean storage.
  • All disposable nail tools must be discarded after use.
  • Nail salon must have adequate ventilation to ensure chemical vapors are properly and promptly removed from the salon.

There are many other requirements that a nail salon has to pass. However, the list above should give a customer enough to know whether a nail salon has a good safety practice in place.

Signs of an unsanitary nail salon:

  • Old dust covers most surfaces.
  • Used/dirty tools or towels lying around.

Your eyes are pretty good at spotting these conditions. Also with common sense, you can tell whether a nail salon is clean or not.

Nail skills

A good nail salon must have good nail technicians.

Good nail technicians will provide the best possible services because they are experienced and have great skills to cater to your individual nail needs.

Each nail service is different from the next because each customer will want and need their nail service that fits their lifestyle and work.

Untrained nail technicians will not be able to perform the same nail service that must be somewhat modified for each customer.

If you are unhappy with the result, chances are the nail technician is not skilled enough to perform a nail service that you want and like.

Do you have problem communicating with your nail tech? Here is what to tell you nail tech to get what you wantOpens in a new tab..


Communication is key in providing the best possible nail services.

Since people are different and their preferences for nails vary. Good two-way communication is a must so your nail technician will know exactly what you want and deliver it to you.

Many people have a difficult problem dealing with nail technicians whose English is not their first language.

If your regular nail tech works at a salon that you like does not always give you what you want after two or three services, consider a switch to another or find another salon.

Customer Care

No matter how good or fancy a nail salon looks, how many good reviews it received or how busy it is because everybody is going there, if it does not care about you, it is not your favorite nail salon.

Any business in general and nail salons in particular, need repeated businesses to prosper and they all know how important this is to stay in business.

People go to a nail salon to make themselves look good and feel good, and spend the hard-earned money doing it.

Therefore, customer care has to be genuine. A good nail salon will want to know more about you, your lifestyle, and your work so it can give you what you want and need without spending too much money.

If a nail salon is only interested in how to get you in and out as fast as possible, it is not your nail salon to keep.

Service prices

If a nail salon passes all four criteria above but its services are priced too high that is out of your budget, it will not be your favorite nail salon no matter how close it is to you.

Getting your nails done should be fun and non-consequential in the sense that you should not have any regrets about paying for it later.

If this salon is the best salon for you but it is pricey, consider going there as an occasional instead of a regular customer.

After all, nails are fun but not essential, do not lose any sleep over them. You can always find a better nail salon if you keep on searching.

Why should you look for the best nail salon near you?

There are many benefits that the best nail salon near you can offer:

Save time:

A nail salon close to you will save you some precious time from driving a long distance.

Save money:

Usually, a nail salon in your neighborhood will charge less than for the same services that are offered at high-end salons such as spas in a big shopping mall.

A place to relax:

If you have a salon where you can be called a regular that you know your nail tech and she knows you, you will feel happy to come in for service because this nail tech knows your name and how to do your nails so you can just relax and know that your nails will be great at the end.

Getting your nails done is not only about your fresh set of pretty nails, but it is also about how relaxing you feel while you are getting them and by a person, but you are also comfortable with.

Lastly, the best nail salons tend to attract good nail technicians. If your regular nail tech is not available, you can go to another, hopefully, that their skills are comparable to each other.

Nail salons near you

You can use the interactive map below to see all the nail salons in your area. Pick out the ones that have the best reviews, and you can do some research on them yourself. If possible, pay them a visit to see the inside.

After that, you can make an informed decision.

Good luck and have fun.


If you have a regular nail salon near you, how does it fare on this test?

If you are looking for the best nail salon close to you, I hope you are now informed to tell whether a nail salon will be the best for you.

Have fun with your nails.

Photo by Daria Shevtsovafrom Pexels

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