If you never know what a blog is or on the fence about making one, then after reading this you will find a reason, hopefully, one that is strong enough to convince you to create one. I will tell you what a nail blog is through my experience and all the joy and benefits it brings.


What is a nail blog? A nail blog is a collection of ideas, experiences about nails with your personality because you write them. It is similar to a diary but a nail blog is a public one where anybody can read what you write about nails. Through your nail blog, you can share your nail experience with people who come to your blog posts for your ideas and answers.

That is the noble meaning of a nail blog. If you are good or have a great passion for nails, and if your nail blog is useful. Your readers will learn from your experience, ideas, and mistakes, This will make people visit your site to read your blogs. You can earn a lot of money from this online traffic.

This is one of the smartest way to make money on your spare time doing your own nails.

Countless people create financially successful nail blogs. As you search for nail tips and ideas, and I am certain that you have come across several different nail blogs or YouTube channels.

Want to be a YouTuber? I will show you how you can learn to set up and run your YouTube channels after you have a good grip on blogging.

These people put their experiences, ideas on their blogs so others can see them. You can do the same thing and make money from it too.

Why blog is the right medium to write about nails?

Time-wise, a blog is a collection of written content digitally stored in chronological order. Similarly to a diary which is a book that records someone’s thoughts and things that happens to his or her in a timely fashion.

If you have a nail blog, then you essentially have your place on the internet. It is like having a virtual place or showcase that you can display everything you have about your nail accomplishments, ideas, and issues on the internet.

Putting your nail work on social media is like putting your stuff on someone else’s house. You have to abide by their rules and terms. You do not have the freedom as you do with your own space on the internet. In other words, you do not want to write your diary in someone else’s book.

Worse yet, any social media platform can shut down or close your account if they think what you have or write is against their terms of service. If this happens, all of your content, pictures, comments, articles that you amassed the whole time will be permanently lost.

Having your blog is like keeping your stuff inside your home. You can put anything in it your way and no social media companies can stop you from doing so.

It is just like writing in your book. It is that simple.

Why you should start your nail blog now in 2021?

Nail blogs for the enthusiasts:

If nails are your great passion, then you should start your nail blog now to record all of your results, ideas, and accomplishments of your nail hobby experience. They will give you a great sense of pride and as people come to your nail blog to learn about what you have.

You will get hooked on this and try to make your blog bigger. This, in turn, will draw an even larger audience and you can not help but look excitingly at how fast your blog grows. This is the feeling that no money can buy.

The year 2021 is the second year after the out break in 2020. A lot of people still out of a job and many more have to stay home so knowing how to make money from home writing about what you already doing is the only natural next step.

Nail blogs for nail technicians or salon owners:

If you are a nail technician or a salon owner, then you must have your nail blog.

Your nail blog not only acts as a digital showcase of what you have and have done for your potential customers to see but it also your knowledge vault for anybody who has any question about nails can come to get answers.

I love this feature of a nail blog. When I was working as a nail tech, I could answer a particular to one customer who sat right in front of me. Later on, if another customer asked the same question, I had to spend the same amount of time answering this customer.

If I were to put this answer on my blog, anybody in this whole world can get the answer from me via internet, and they do not need to come to me at all. Also, I could help hundreds, if not thousands of people via the internet around the world.

Without my nail blog, I could only help one person at a time.

A nail blog can make you a lot of money

One great benefit of a nail blog that you can make money if you do it right. How much money do you ask?

For starters, you can make money from your blogs that could be as much as the money you make from your day job if not more. That is if you follow the right path.

The right path to blogging is you must have a proper nail blog. To have a proper nail blog you have to spend some time learning how to set it up the right way in the very beginning.

If you make some initial critical errors, they will limit the growth curve of your blog and affect its earning ability.

There are countless people on the internet whom you can learn from to set up a simple nail blog but there are few who offer a solid blueprint for a long-term successful one.

Similar to other things you want to master, you have to go through a learning curve at the beginning. With the right course, you will be able to do it.

A successful nail blog needs a right owner

To sum up, owning a nail blog will give you two things:

  1. For nail enthusiasts: you have a personal collection of your hobby/passion. For a nail tech or salon owner, you have a showcase of your nail business and expertise on a digital platform.
  2. For nail tech/salon owner: great chance to make a full-time income for people at home or could easily double your business income.

But for now, the first thing you should do is asking yourself if you are ready to take on this new challenge: creating a nail blog. Not being specific, you can choose any topic that you love to blog.

A successful nail blog needs diligent work

Behind every success story, stands a strong-willed person. The same thing is true with a nail blog success.

You must work hard on your nail blog or it will fail. You have to continue adding quality content on your blog so people who visit your site will find it worth their while.

If you agree with me up to now that you want and need a nail blog, you must start a nail blog with this mentality:



Then the rest will fall into place.

Just like I had to pump myself up to my blog.


I also want to share with you a great quote I just learned recently during the time I was working on my nail blog:

Blogging is a lonely journey, at least at the beginning. You must have a strong conviction for making your blog a success or it will never grow.



I hope I just ignite the “CAN DO” and “ACHIEVE” mentality in you.

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