It is overwhelming when you have to choose which nail bits to buy to use on your nails at home because there are too many different kinds that make your buying decision a difficult one.

Nail bits, nail drill bits, or file bits can be bought based on different levels of nail skills. They are beginner, intermediate, and advance levels. Nail drill bits therefore can be bought and safely used according to the user’s current level of comfort and experience in handling them.

I divide the nail drill bits that you would buy based on your level of practice hours, and experience, namely, beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

Nowadays, almost all nail drill purchases are some kinds of portable, table-top, or rechargeable nail drills and they all use nail bits that have 3/32” shanks which are the long, skinny metal cylindrical parts that attach or insert to the nail drills. All the nail drill bits I mention in this article all having 3/32′ shanks.

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Nail bits for beginners

If you are buying nail bits to do your own nails at home, I would consider you a beginner.

Since you just started working with nails, all the metal nail drill bits look a little intimidating, the ceramic nail bits seem friendlier.

For those who just starting doing nails, more likely that you would apply gel polish on your nails. This MelodySusie Ceramic Nail Drill Bits SetOpens in a new tab. is the best nail drill bits for removing gel polish at home.

They are lighter than their metal counterparts, and ceramic nail bits create less heat when it removing the gel polish on your nails.

The ones that effectively removing gel polish are the two barrels and two cone nail bits. You can use them to remove the gel polish topcoat before wrapping, soaking your nails.

Remember gel polish must be softened with acetone before it can be safely scraped, peeled, or pushed off, not to be ground off by the nail bits, or this nail bit will file off your natural nails and make them unnecessary thinner.

The skinny long nail bit is for cleaning under the natural nails. It can remove dirt, gel polish, or other things that might find their way under there.

The little ball nail bit is for cleaning the excess cuticles. I would strongly suggest you hold off using it until you are very comfortable in handling your nail drill so you will not accidentally damage your nails, especially the nail root and nail matrix that creates new nail cells. If these parts are damaged, they might produce ridges, bumpy nails permanently that you will never want.

The last one is a nail-bit brush. You can use it to remove dust on the nails and along the hard-to-reach cuticle lines.

You can check out the latest price on AmazonOpens in a new tab. or on the Melodysusie websiteOpens in a new tab..

Nail bits for intermediate users

If you are doing nails on yourself and for your friends and family for at least six months, consider yourself in the intermediate level.

As you are in this stage of your nail adventure, you might be interested to try on different nail enhancement products like dip powder, SNS, polygel, hard gel, or acrylic nails.

All these nail products are much harder than gel polish and require a different set of nail bits. There are two types of nail bits that you should have in your nail toolbox: sanding bands and metal nail bits.

Sanding bands are the oldest types of nail bits. Before carbide, ceramic nail bits came onto the market, all nail technicians used these sanding bands because they were the only nail bits available. Countless nail technicians, including myself, have created numerous pretty sets of nails that customers liked.

So you should learn how to use them proficiently with these simple nail bits.

The set of carbide tungsten nail bits allow you to work on the different nail products I mentioned above. They are better at removing nail products and you can also finish all the nail filing and shaping steps faster. They also last longer so you do not have to replace your worn-out metal nail bits for a long time.

One word of advice though, the two mandrels are made of softer metal so they bend quite easily if being hit hard or dropped. When they are out of balance you can not use them on nails because they will vibrate so much that will cause discomfort when they are in contact with the nail.

If you are in the purchasing mood, do buy a few more. They will come in handy when these two are not usable anymore.

If you do not like the colorful metallic look, you can buy the gold-plated nail bit set.

Check out the latest price on AmazonOpens in a new tab. or the Melodysusie’s website.

Nail bits for advanced users

If you are doing nails for at least a year and have done nails on family members and friends and they all love your nail services, you are a nail-bit advanced user.

You can use the nail bits that you purchased for beginners and intermediate levels. They work well as you gain more practice in handling them.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed nail technician, all you need to do is go to a nail school to study to become one.

When you are at this level doing nails, you should learn the basics of nail structures. With this knowledge, you will have a better understanding of how fragile our nails are and know how you can use your nail bits without causing injuries to them.

There is one textbook that I used to study while I was going to a nail school in 1996 was Milady Standard Nail Technology. This textbook now still is the one used in most nail schools across the US. I lost my old textbook so I later bought the fourth edition that I still use it as a reference from time to time.

It a great textbook for those who are interested in nail business. Your local library might have it or if you want to purchase one, you can get it on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

It is a great introduction to nail topics if you want to know whether doing nails is a job for you before you commit time and money to go to school.

Professional nail drill bits

When you are doing nails for a year or so on many customers, you have enough experience to call yourself a nail professional.

All the nail bits I mentioned above are suitable for nail professionals. You have them at your disposal to use in any specific applications that you see fit.

There is no one rigid way that nail professionals should follow to use a nail drill bit. Rather, they are used in ways that each nail professional feel comfortable the most.

That is how a nail professional creates a great-looking set of nails individually.

There are many other different kinds of nail bits that you can try out and pick out ones that you like best.

5-in-1 nail bits

From time to time, nail supply companies invent new nail tools. The latest one is called 5-in-1 nail bits. This nail bit is the combination of five nail bits in one so you do not have to change your regular nail bits quite often.

As a nail professional, you are comfortable handling different nail bits so you should not be afraid to try on new nail bits. Only after you try them out, you will be able to tell if they are for you or not.

You can buy it directly on the Melodysusie.comOpens in a new tab. website.

Cuticle nail drill bits

I have mixed feelings about nail bits to remove cuticles. As one of the nail technicians from the previous generation, I was taught to soak to soften cuticles, gently pushed them back, and trim the excess with a cuticle nipper, and we had to be good at cuticle nipping without causing bleeding.

Cuticle nail bits skip the soaking, pushing back steps, and go on directly to sand off the excess cuticles. This might cause the cuticles to be irritated if someone does this a little too deep.

If you decide to try these tools, take great precautions so you will not go too far and damage your nail roots and matrix and cause some unwanted permanent nail shapes.

Nail drill bit holders & sanitizers

One accessory that you should have is the nail drill bit holder. Not only you can store all your nail bits in one place, but it can also sanitize them with a UV light. This sanitation feature is important because you do not want the nails you work on, whether they are your own or other people’s nails to get infected by dirty nail tools.

MelodysusieOpens in a new tab. has combo deals for nail bits and holders. You can check them out on their websiteOpens in a new tab..

Nail drill bit safety

Last but not least, nail bits, efile bits, or nail drill bits are attachments of nail drills that are power tools. Exercising safety precautions in handling your nail drill while you are working on your nails or other people should always be the first and number one priority to prevent accidents.

Always wear goggles. If it is possible, protect your eyes and the person you are working on with a pair of goggles. You never know when these nail bits can break off and fly away when you run them at high speed, especially when you are a beginner.

A beautiful set of nails are the ones that make the wearers happy and without injuries.

Have a safe and good fun time with your new nail bits.

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