Acrylics are one of the strongest nail enhancement and people tend to take advantage of this quality to extend their nails as long as they could.

Long square acrylic nails are very popular because these strong, durable acrylics allow a user to have nails much longer than her natural nails without having to worry about them breaking or chipping. These long square acrylic nails also offer the largest surface area so they can accommodate more elaborate nail art or designs.

Long square acrylic nails

These were the most popular acrylic nail set back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Most of the designs or nail arts were created on these nails because they had the largest surface area.

Now in the late 2010s, they are making a comeback, thanks to social media and celebrities.

People are different so they want their long square acrylic nails to show their personalities. One way they can do that is to change or modify the shapes of these nails slightly.

Shapes of long square acrylic nails

Long, boxy square shapes still have their top spot, however, their cousins are pretty much not too far behind.

The long tapered square acrylic nail will soften the strong look of these nails and make them a little more feminine.

If these tapped squares are filed more to create a bigger angle, they become what it is called long square coffin acrylic nails, which I think the most trendy and popular nail shapes for the 2020s.

Long skinny square acrylic nails appear to look slim because these nails are very long compared to the fingers and hands.

Now with the help of so many tutorial videos on YouTube, and products/equipment readily available, people at home can create artistically beautiful and cute long square acrylic nails that even the most experienced nail technicians would envy.

Cost of long square acrylic nails

You should expect to pay twice as much for a long square acrylic nail set as you would for an active length nail set at a salon you go to. These long sets of nails require twice as long to do compared to a short version.

Nail art or designs on long square acrylic nails

Since these nails have the largest surface area, you can put almost any art or design on these canvas without worrying you will run out of space.

Let your creativity soar.

How do you take care of long square acrylic nails?

Since these long nails will be subject to the tough push and pull from the normal use of hands, they are under more stress compared to their shorter versions. Therefore they wear out, lift or separate from the natural nails faster.

There are a couple of things you should do to keep these long nails from breaking.

Get fill in more often:

Acrylics stay on to the natural nails by a chemical bond. Even this bond is strong for short and medium-length acrylic nails, they will not be strong enough for long nails. As the natural nails grow out, they extend the acrylics on top even longer. This will create more stress on these bonds.

To keep these bonds strong, you should get filled in sooner than the normal two-week period, preferably ten days time.

Learn how to function with long nails:

You must learn how to do your daily chores with extra long nails and create a habit of how to work with your long nails safely and effectively. There are no set rules on how to handle long nails because people use their hands and fingers differently. However, these are a few tips.

  • Make a light fist with your thumb inside the other four fingers when you put on a heavy or thick jacket.
  • Do not tap your nail tips on hard surfaces. Doing this is the same as the action of trying to bend them up away from your nail bed.
  • Say goodbye to your pennies if they fall on the ground, you will never be able to retrieve them with your long square acrylic nails.
  • Be careful and slow as you reach for things inside your pants’ pockets, like tight jeans, and learn how to pull up tight pants without breaking these long nails.
  • Do not use them as tools. They are there on your hands to show, not for work.
  • Never put your hands under anything trying to lift it up like a grocery bag or a box. Your fingers might slip and you will break these nails.
  • During the first week of getting these long square acrylic nails put on, try to do things a little slower until you get a hang of having long nails.

How to tell if long square acrylic nails are too long?

How do you know if they are too long for you? You must decide this before acrylics are applied.

After all the nail tips are glued on and cut to the initial desired length, you should perform some maneuvering test and will be able to tell that they are okay for you.

Bend four fingers to make a fist. Since you will not be able to make a closed one, ask yourself if this will interfere with your daily use of your hands at home and at work.

If you think they hinder you too much, then they are too long. Have them trim shorter.

Do not wait after the acrylics are applied on the nail tips and want them cut short because you find out now that they are too long.

Doing this will ruin the nice curve from the cuticle to the nail tip that your nail tech tries hard to create.

Cutting them shorter will also make the tips much thicker and she will have to file them thinner which will require more time and your long square acrylic nail’s look and shape will not be the best at the end.

I hope you know more about long square acrylic nails, how to keep them, and how to protect yourself from possible nail breakage and hurt youOpens in a new tab. if you decide to try these beautiful long nails for the first time.

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Have fun and be safe.

Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

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