If you are starting out working as a nail tech or have been at this profession for a while and want to know how you can make more money to make it worthwhile.

To make more money as a nail technician is to be proficient in all the nail skills and having the best customer service. These two factors will create more repeated customers and their referrals of family and friends so they will make every workday of the nail technician a productive one and can translate into more income.

Working as a nail technician to make money means that you have to work so you can earn money. The moment you stop serving customers, the money will stop. To increase the chance of being a successful nail technician, you must create a specific skill-mastering schedule and go through it. After you become the best at what you do, making more money will come naturally.

Whether you are working in a nail salon or striking out on your own as an independent or mobile nail technician, mastering those two skills will earn you more money than a typical or average one does.

The best nail tech makes more money with faster services

If you able to work faster, more chance to increase the number of customers you can do in a day.

If you are so good at doing any nail service fast without compromising quality, your customers will take notice and will likely to request you again the next time they come back. Why is that so? Not only they receive fast services from you, but they can also receive the best service. Furthermore, they know that they will now spend less of their precious time with you to get their nails done. Last but not least, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends and family. It is how you will get a large clientele over time.

The best nail tech makes more money from all services

Know and master all the nail skills will increase your chance to make money. If there is a specific nail service that you can not do or provide the best results, you will not be confident to offer it and your customer will skip it. This missing opportunity results in lower ticket per customer and lower productivity.

It takes time to greet, consult, suggest and prepare a customer before you can actually start the service itself and cleaning up after that customer. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes that will add to the actual service time.

If you do the math of serving six customers a day, you will spend 120 minutes or two hours just for before and after service preparation and cleaning. If you can reduce this time in half, you make yourself available for one more actual service that does make you more money.

So if you know and can provide the best but fast services, you will make more money per customer and reduce the time that does not create any money for you.

The best nail tech make more money as a problem solver

When a customer requests a new type of nail service or a difficult one, the salon manager will not hesitate to pick the best nail tech for this job. The reason for this is two folds:

  • The best nail tech will be able to do this job well.
  • It will make the customer happy whether she is a regular or a new one.

This will help the best nail tech work more efficiently while other so-called average nail techs will sit around waiting.

So being the best gives you more chances to earn more money because you will be busy all day instead of having a lot of downtime

The best nail tech make more money with less repair

If your customers have to come back after a few days to do some repair or come back sooner to redo her manicure, pedicure or artificial nails, she will not be happy with your services and there is more likely that she will not come back to you. You will not be able to fill your appointment book if you have more unhappy customers who come in for minor repairs.

The best nail technician, on the other hand, can provide the best service and long-lasting products. The benefits are two folds:

You will not have to spend extra time to do any repair or touch up work on an already paid service so your time working on customers will be minimum.

Your happy customers who like their nails will try to keep their nails in good condition for as long as they can. If their nails are not to their liking, they will not care whether they wreck them or not. So when happy customers come back to you, you will have great hands or feet to work on instead of having to spend more time fixing on ravaged, torn down nails.

The best nail tech can work on higher-paying services

If you are a problem solver in the salon you work at, the salon manager or owner will value your skills so that he or she will give you more difficult or specialized services like SNS, artificial nails or gel polish with intricate designs and will make the other nail techs do easier and less paying services like regular manicure, pedicure or polish change.

You will be able to make more money for the same amount of servicing time.

Since you are legitimately making more money by providing the best services compared to other nail technicians, they can not say anything about it but turn to you for advice and support.

The best nail tech make more money with exceptional customer relation

Every customer wants to be treated with respect when they come to a nail salon for service. As a nail technician, all the nail services you provide are personal in a way that you have to touch or hold your customer’s hands for feet.

In addition to being the best, exercising exceptional customer service will make the customer feel at ease and relaxed. Being friendly and caring to all customers together with your best nail skills will make you stand out among other nail techs and they are more likely to come back to you the next time. Furthermore, they will likely recommend friends and family to go to a nail tech with a friendly smile and kindness.

You will build a more repeated business and referrals the easy way.

The best nail tech makes more money on tips from higher service bill

The so-called average tips are about 15 to 20% of the total service bill for nail services.

If you do a regular gel polish change service that might cost $20 for 30 minutes, you might get a 20% tip that equals to $4.00. Now, if you do the same service but your customer wants you to create some nail arts that can start from $10 and up. So you increase the bill from $20 to $30 with about extra 15 minutes to the same customer.

Being able to do difficult services will also increase the total bill for the same or less amount of time.

This way you can have more high ticket than smaller ones.

You can understand better with an example.

An average nail tech who does five nail services at $20 each in one day, her total service for the day is $100. Using 20% rare, the tips for this amount is $20.

For the best nail tech who does five nail higher-paying services that could be $35 each, her total service for the day will be $175 and the 20% tips for this amount are $35, a 75% increase!

The best nail tech makes more than the 20% tips

Being the best nail tech will open doors to higher tip percentage. When your customers are happy with the services you have given them, they are more likely to give you more than the average 20% tips. In this case, your customers do not give you their money because they have to but they do it because they think you deserve it. You have made your customer wants to reward you money as a token of appreciation and happy about it.

That is the best way to make more money, don’t you agree?

The other reward of being the best nail technician beside more money

Money aside, the best nail tech will enjoy the feeling of making her customer happy and receiving feedback from customers showing their appreciation for being the best nail tech for them. It is the best thing a nail tech could ask for and it is priceless.


How to make more money as a nail technician is simple and is within your grasp. Be the best with your hands and nails skill while serving your customers the way you want to be treated and you will be busy working all the time. If you can do that, your money issue or problem will disappear.

Hope you have the best time being the best!

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