After you spend a good hour or two to do your gel manicure at home only to find out that gel polish on one or more fingers looks wrinkled, bubbled or lumpy. The right way to fix it is to remove those bad gel polish and apply it all over again. If this happens to you, the following instructions will save you time and effort in doing so.

You might already know and use different methods of removing gel polish. In this particular situation, removing wrinkled or bubbled gel polish on one or more fingers using finger cots will save you up to 30 extra minutes or so from sitting at a table trying to soak off the gel polish.

Using finger cots to fix wrinkled or bubbled gel polish is a quick way:

What you need:

  1. Cotton and acetone.
  2. Appropriate size finger cots. If you do not have finger cots, you can cut out a latex glove or an old yellow kitchen glove.

After you get them, come back at your table to start removing wrinkled gel polish.


Step 1: soak a little ball of cotton with pure acetone and put it on top of the fingernail that you want to remove the wrinkled gel polish.

If you use a cutout finger from a kitchen glove, first insert it onto your finger and try to roll it back so it looks like an unused finger cot.

Step 2: roll the finger cot onto your fingernail. Make sure the cotton ball stay on top of the wrinkled gel polish.

If either the finger cot or the cutout finger from a latex or kitchen glove is too loose, you can use a rubber band and wrap it around your finger a couple of times to keep the finger cot in place and let your fingernails soaked for 15 minutes. Do not wrap the rubber too tight.

You are set! Now you can get up and do whatever you need to do with your hands while your fingernails are being soaked off without you having to sit down and unable to use your hands.

Step 3: remove the finger cots and the gel polish should come off your nails or with some gentle scraping. Prep the nail surfaces again.

Step 4: reapply the gel polish color of your choice and do the finishing touch on all your ten nails.

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Applying more gel polish will only make the wrinkled gel polish look worse:

Wrinkled or bubbled gel polish happens because the polish is likely to be thick already and this thickness prevents the UV light to completely cure the gel polish at the lower layer. This results in wrinkling or bubbling of the gel polish on the top layer. More gel polish will not help to smooth it out. Even if it appears to be smooth, your whole gel polish will not be fully cured and it will peel off prematurely.

Whatever way you decide to use to remove the wrinkled gel polish, you should remove it right away because removing newly cured gel polish will take much less time than old gel polish that has been on the nails for a few days.

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Other popular methods of removing gel polish you might want to know:

While you are waiting for the gel polish to come off and wondering what other methods to remove gel polish, here is the quick listOpens in a new tab.. Read through them and you will find out that the finger cot method is the best way.

How to avoid gel polish from wrinkling or bubbling:

In short, gel polish wrinkles or bubbles are the results of incomplete curing. This incomplete curing can happen if the gel polish applied on the nails is too thick, inadequate UV light source or incorrect placing of your fingers under the UV lamp. To explain how to prevent this from happening to your nails, I wrote this article on how to prevent itOpens in a new tab. so you will not make the same mistake on your next gel manicure.

Hope this helps. If you like it, please share.

Happy gelling.

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