Gel polish is usually thicker than regular nail polish. Being thicker, gel polish tends to load more on the nail brush so more will spread over the nail surface resulting in gel polish being too thick on the nails.

Gel polish has to be at the right consistency, not so thick and the nail brush has to load the least amount of gel polish will result in a thin layer of gel polish on the natural nails.

The ability to judge whether gel polish has a good consistency is achieved after working with many different gel polish bottles, not something you can just know after using a few and the skill to load just the right amount of gel polish on the nail brush take practice. However, reading the two short sections below will give you some good knowledge to start.

Determine whether a gel polish has a good consistency

If gel polish is thick, no matter how you are at your polishing skill, you will not be able to apply it on nails thinly. So before you start to polishing nails, you should definitely check out the polish itself if it is in good condition first.

1. Compare a new gel polish with an old one

Before you can tell whether gel polish is too thick just by looking at it, you need to compare it with a new one.

you will be able to see the difference between them by putting them close to each other and pull up both nail brushes out of their bottles. you then can visually check how gel polish forms at the end of each nailbrush.

The new gel polish tends to adhere less on the brush because most of it drips down as the brush is being pulled out of the bottle.

On the other hand, more old gel polish tends to stay on the brush because it is thicker and can resist the gravity pulling down on it. You could tell that there is more old gel polish stays on the brush than that of new gel polish.

2. How to fix thick gel polish

If old gel polish is not so thick, you can apply it thinly on the nail surface by using loading less of it on the brush.

If it is too thick that interferes with your ability to paint it on the nail surface quickly and evenly, adding a little bit of gel polish thinner will help to bring it back to its original consistency.

Depending on how much gel polish left in the bottle, adding 3 drops of thinner is a good starting amount. Close the cap tightly and shake it well for 30 seconds and let it rest for 15 minutes before checking the second time.

After comparing the thickness of the old gel with the new one, you will be able to tell whether it needs more thinner or not and add another 3 drops of thinner if you feel it needs them. Close cap, shake and let it rest for 15 minutes before using.

Keep using this comparison technique until it becomes your second nature in determining whether gel polish is too thick or not.

Learn how to apply gel polish thinly

1. Practice loading gel polish on nail brush with the least amount

This is the next skill you need to be good at sooner than later.

Sit down at a table after you gather a couple of old regular polish bottles. They are less expensive for you to practice with.

  • Turn the cap to open so it can be lifted from the bottle but do not lift it up yet.
  • Slowly lift the cap up until you can see the bristles.
  • Now while gently moving the cap back and forth so the bristles will touch the inside of the bottle. this pushes gel polish down inside the bottle without going over to the outside rim.

Practice this at least a couple of dozens of times until you are used to it: pulling any nail brush out of its bottle and unload the gel polish off the brush at the same time.

If you do it right and make it a habit, you will never make any gel polish bottle’s neck messy again.

Without this scrapping motion, the gel polish will be all over the bottle’s neck and will transfer to the inside of the cap when it is put back on. This issue will cause all of your gel polish bottle’s necks to be covered with gel polish and prevents you from being able to close the caps tightly. As a result, the gel polish will dry out quicker and will leak if they are left laying on their sides.

2. Practice apply gel polish on natural nails

compare with polishing nails with regular polish, gel polish needs a little extra work from your hand so it can be thinly applied.

If you are new, practice on polishing using regular polish until you are comfortable at holding a nail brush and put polish nicely on nails first before you can practice on gel polish.

The best to practice on is artificial nail tips. You can hold it comfortable with 2 fingers and you do not have to remove the color after like you would if you do it on your nails.

Try to cover the nail surface with gel polish by brushing and pushing the nail brush to where you want the gel polish to get to. Do not worry about causing the gel polish to be streaky. Gel polish is very good at self-leveling. If there are any tiny dips or holes, they will be covered because of this self-leveling property.

The main thing you want to achieve is trying to create a thin layer of gel polish. It is alright if the first coat might look a little streaky or blotchy because the second coat will cover most of it.

Now you are ready to apply thin gel polish on your nails the way you like because you can do it now.

Good luck and have fun gelling.

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