If you are thinking about open a nail salon, put that thought aside for now and start a nail blog first. Even though this post is about starting a nail blog but is applicable to other blogs or website also.

The initial and operating cost a nail blog is small compare to that of a regular nail salon, and a nail blog is also an inexpensive trial run before opening a regular salon. A nail enthusiast or a nail tech who works on a nail blog will be able to tell how much he or she knows about various nail skills and can work on those that need improvement.

A Nail blog requires low start-up cost

A nail blog costs less than $700 compared to a $50,000 initial investment for a nail salon.

To start a nail blog, all you need is a computer with internet connection, a smart phone to take photos. A great number of people already have these features or equipment available, and you can work on your nail blog in your spare time.

You can work on your nail blog at night, on weekends, or break time in the beginning while still working on your day job.

You can make your time in a day more productive if you allocate more time to work on your nail blog instead of watching TV, for example.

A nail blog requires medium computer knowledge

If you can type on any word processing program with a speed of 20 words a minute, and have been using your computer to search and surf the web, you have enough computer experience to start a nail blog.

Typing your blog posts is very much like doing that on a word processor.

The nail blog can make money

If your nail blog starts to have a large number of visitors, this traffic can be monetized through advertising, selling products, or services. It gives a nail blog an ability to make money.

When you reach this milestone, this money will allow you to be able to stop working for somebody and be your own boss and control your time to do this: share and teach.

A nail blog can bring in additional income without having to work longer hours.

Imagine if your nail blog can bring you as much money that you do not have to drive to work for, you will be able to work less and spend time with your loved ones?

A nail blog is an online version of a nail salon

For a person who already owns a nail salon, having a nail blog is important because customers or prospects alike can come to learn more about your services or get their questions answered.

This is a great feature of a nail blog. It is a convenient way to interact with people during hours that a nail salon is closed.

A nail blog is always open

It is a great supplement to a regular nail salon. A nail blog will work 24 hours a day, without taking one day off.

A nail blog can offer faster return on investment

It takes about two to three years for a nail salon to start making a profit with $50,000 invested.

On the other hand, by starting a nail blog and work on it in their spare time in two short years, nail enthusiasts and nail technicians alike, can stop working at their day jobs and still have money coming in every month from their nail blogs.

That is if they contribute to their blog regularly with the content or experience from doing their nails.

And all they invested was less than $700 for a possible full-time income!

The best part that they do not have to come up with a large initial capital investment or depend on anybody to start and they can start today.

A nail blog needs minimal interactions

No landlord, lease, utilities, or remodeling contractors to worry about.

It takes about three months after signing a lease before a regular nail can be open for business. A salon owner has to deal with a lot of people to get this project finished.

A person can start a nail blog in a day in his or her home on a computer.

I hope you are sold on this nail blog money making idea. If you are ready to start you nail blog, start by giving it a name. You can check whether it is available here on BluehostOpens in a new tab., one of the leading company that manages blogging accounts.

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PAGE THREE: WHAT IS A NAIL BLOG – THE CHEAPEST ONLINE NAIL SALON. If you are thinking about opening a nail salon, you should start a nail blog first.

PAGE FOUR: HOW TO START A NAIL BLOG – GIVE IT A NAME. Start your nail blog by choosing a name for it.

PAGE FIVE: HOW TO START A NAIL BLOG: REGISTER A NAME.Opens in a new tab. Make it official: register it in your own name.

PAGE SIX: WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME?Opens in a new tab. Give yourself sometime to get familiarized with the blogging world by checking out other nail bloggers

PAGE SEVEN: OTHER ADVANTAGES OF A NAIL BLOGOpens in a new tab.. To get better understanding other benefits of a nail blogs.

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