Whether you have been buying your mother a gift every chance you get or you are an occasional gift buyer, a pedicure might be a perfect surprise gift for her. For years, your mother has done many extraordinary things. From pushing stroller, grocery shopping to staying up long hours in her kitchen cooking for everybody. All of that happened on her own two feet. Now they are old and tired. A pedicure is the best gift to the feet that made it all possible.

Still not convinced that a pedicure gift brings many good things to your mom? Let me count the ways.

A pedicure has many benefits

A pedicure session usually consists of toenail and cuticle trimming, removal of dead skin on the feet, thick skin or callus treatment, foot massage and toenail polishing.

One more good thing that can happen is an experienced nail technician can point out any unusual problems or disorders like ingrown toenails, fungus, infections, bunions, corns which can be caused by neglect, bad shoes or just by aging alone. Your mom then can seek medical help before they become major problems.

But that is the nail technician’s job to do. Your mom just has to sit back on a pedicure chair and relax. She can enjoy the foot pampering service like a queen or she can socialize to the customer sitting next to her.

Her feet and legs will get a massage which can reduce any foot pains she might have and enhance blood circulation on her feet.

In the end, she feels like she is walking on a new set of pretty feet.

Someone can take care of her feet for a change

Most moms put their family priorities over theirs all their lives. Because of that, they feel guilty whenever they do anything for themselves.

A pedicure is a perfect gift for these moms. They can sit back for an hour or so while someone else is cleaning and beautifying their hard-working feet. Do you know when was the last time someone cut your mom’s toenails other than herself?

Like a hair appointment will change your mom’s hair, a pedicure done professionally will make your mom’s feet not only look good but she will feel great after the service too.

It is one fun thing you can do with mom

I have seen countless of times mother and daughter come in a nail salon for pedicures. It is a pretty sight. You and your mom can sit back on pedicure chairs next to each other and can have a conversation about anything while your feet are getting pampered.

For moms who have everything

For the lady who has everything, the thing that she does not have enough is the love from her children. When you are older and start your own life, the time you have with your mom is drastically reduced. But at this time in your mom’s life, it is the attention and affection from her children matter most.

Paying attention to her feet is one way to show your appreciation.

For moms who do not want anything

Similarly to “I have everything” moms, mothers who do not want anything can discover how great pedicure is. If your mom belongs to this group, she is a person who does not want to spend money on expensive, nonessential things on herself. She is content with what she has which consists of basic necessities. She has lived a simple life to give her family the best of her.

Indulge and enhance your mom’s simple life with a modern, new experience of getting her feet done. Hopefully, your mom will have one more great, positive thing that she adds to her plain, and maybe boring routines.

Your mom will see how great it is while she is sitting on a modern pedicure chair to get her feet pampered.

Pedicures on Mother’s day

This is the biggest day in a year for any mother. Your mom too should be showered with gratitude and gifts from you. One of the great gifts is sending your busy mom to sit down for a pedicure. She can have some time to relax, recollect and recharge.

It would be twice as nice if you can join her too.

Make a pedicure appointment for her birthday

Let her know that she has a pedicure appointment on her birthday and all she has to do is show up. The hour at the salon will be one highlight on her birthday and you make it happen. She has time to reflect on the whole year since her last birthday and you sure are in it too.

Pedicure as a Christmas gift

Christmas is also the season of giving back and no one is more deserving of receiving a gift that shows your appreciation than your own mom. Instead of giving gifts that she can do without, a pedicure will give her feet the care they need to endure the harsh weather of the cold winter months.

Say thank to mom with a pedicure gift certificate

Everybody likes a thank-you gift and your mom is no exception. Now it is normal for people to give a gift certificate from a nail salon as a thank you present. So the next time you want to express how thankful you are, give your mom a pedicure gift certificate from a reputable nail salon. She will thank you back.

Pedicure is a practical yet thoughtful gift

Any busy mom will appreciate the chance to sit down and relax for an hour while getting her tiring feet pampered. As she in on a pedicure chair, she will know that you think of her and want her to enjoy one of the great services available.

And that is what on her mind as she leaving the salon.

You can give her a pedicure at home

If it is not feasible for your mom to go out, or if you want to give your mom a pedicure yourself, you can give her one if you are willing to do so. You can learn how to give a basic pedicure and find out what you need over the internet. Your mom will be thrilled that her kid is now taking care of her.

Giving your mom a pedicure at home does not have all the bells and whistles as one in a nail salon but it shows her that you care for her. That is what counts.

Surprise her with a pedicure gift

Even if you are undecided, you can not go wrong by surprising her with a pedicure gift. Her feet will thank you. They sure can use some TLC one a while. A great pedicure will give her aging feet a lot of benefits that will, in turn, make your mom happy.

To top it off, if the nail salon does not provide an alcoholic beverage that your mom likes, do bring some to the salon so she can enjoy her favorite glass of wine during her pampering hour. She will be a happy camper.

Do it now while she can enjoy her pedicure

Do not procrastinate because you might not have a lot of time or many chances left to pamper the feet that walked with you when you took your first steps.

If you do not, you will regret when they are no longer walking.

There, I already counted mine. Now it is your turn.

All you have to do now is start searching for the best pedicurist in your area.

You can ask people you know who get pedicures often and they will tell you.

If you already had pedicures before, then what are you waiting for?

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