One of the problems with wearing dip powder nails or gel nails is they could take up to 30 minutes to remove. Using this remover kit with its procedure, you can spend only 10 minutes taking them off.

The gel polish and dip nail remover kit will reduce the time to take them off to 10 minutes. It takes 5 minutes to wrap the nails, 5 minutes to clean them up, and the fingers and hands are available to do other tasks while the nails are being wrapped.

Dip powder nails and gel nails can be taken off quickly with acetone, and this remover kit works for both of them. Below is the complete instruction on how to do it.

Taking off dip nails or gel polish procedure:


Remove the topcoat:

Both gel polish and dip nails have a very durable topcoat, and they should be removed by filling before wrapping.

You can use a nail file or an emery board to do this. It will be quicker if you use a nail drillOpens in a new tab. and for this step.

Make sure you remove the topcoat as much as possible so the acetone will go directly to the color gel polish or the dip powder.


Prepare 10 cotton balls:

You can pull 10 small cotton balls by hand (about the size of the end digit of your little finger is sufficient), or you can use a large pair of scissors to cut them. If you use the supplied cotton strand, cut five ¼ in long pieces (about the thickness of your smartphone) and pull each one in half to make ten cotton balls.

Do not soak a big ball of cotton in acetone. It will be difficult to pull it apart.

Next, put all of them in an acetone-proof bowl and pour enough acetone in to soak them (about three tablespoons should be enough).


Roll up a finger cot onto a nail:

  • Choose a finger cot that fits on your finger.
  • Determine the finger cot side that can be unrolled onto your finger, then put a cotton ball on that side.
  • Place this cotton ball and finger cot combo on top of the nail and start to unroll it onto your finger.
  • New finger cots tend to be a little sticky at first, so be patient to gently roll them without tearing.
  • Roll it to cover the first knuckle only. If you roll it up too high, all the acetone will move up your finger, and there will be no acetone on the nail to dissolve it.
  • Do this for the other 9 nails.

Now you can get up from the chair, and you are free to do some light tasks without having to worry that these finger cots will come off.


Note: If you want to check your phone, type on a computer, or touching any plastic surface, make sure that no excess acetone will leak out of the finger cots and drip down onto them and melt them. Also, it is a good idea to place a plastic bag on top of a finished wood table so accidental acetone drop will not ruin it.

Every minute or so, you can squeeze the nail using fingers from the other hand to increase the contact of acetone with the nail inside the finger cot.


After 15 minutes, you can unroll the first finger cot that you did first to check for the result. If the gel polish is wrinkled up or dip powder is dissolved, they are ready to come off.

  • Use the metal remover tool to push these flaky spots off the nails.
  • If there is still some gel polish or dip power not ready to come off, you can roll the finger cot back on for a few more minutes.
  • Repeat the above step until all are off.

Note: these finger cots are reusable. Do not pull them out at the tips. Just unroll them when you want to take them out.

Discard the used cotton balls and put the finger cots back in the plastic case for subsequent use.

In all, you only need about 5 minutes to prepare the nails before wrapping with finger cots and about 5 more minutes to clean the nails after wrapping. All the waiting time for the gel nails of dip powder to dissolve can be used for your other chores or task.

Unlike other methods that require you to sit down and wait, this remover kit allows you to move around while waiting.

The safest way to take off dip nails & gel polish yourself

Taking off your dip powder nails or gel polish the wrong way is the number one reason that makes your natural nails thinner and weaker. Your thin nails break, chip, or split easily.

Because of this, people wrongly blame their gel polish or dip powder nails; however, it is not their fault.

Your nails are damaged from improper gel polish or dip nail removal.

If you remove your shellac or dip powder at home: you usually bite, pull, or peel them off. Any of these actions will make your nails weakOpens in a new tab.. You know it, but you do it anyway because:

  • You do not know of any good way to remove your dip nails or gel polish with minimum time and
  • You are bored

If you have them taken off at a nail salon: it is not any better either.

To speed up the removing process, the majority of nail technicians will conveniently use a nail drill on top of your nails to drill away the rest of the gel polish or dip powder after soaking for only a few minutes. More often than not, they will thin out your nails with this drill. You know it but you might not say anything because you do not know how to tell her what you do not want her to do on your nailsOpens in a new tab..

If this happens to your nails every two or three weeks, your nails do not grow fast enough to replace these thin nails, and what you see is your nails are much more delicate, especially at the free edges.

Use this simple but safe removal method before you want to put on new gel polish or dip powder nails.

Your nails WILL NOT GET THINNER ANYMORE! Either by you or your nail tech.

The quickest way to remove dip nails & gel polish at home

Now you can only spend about 10 actual minutes to remove your dip nails or gel nails because you can use the long soaking or wrapping time to do other chores without having to sit down or risk these finger cots will come off like you would have if you use aluminum foil.

So there is no reason for you not to use other damaging removing methods on your nails.

It is straightforward, and you can make it come off faster if you place your fingers on top of a warm towel.

On average, you will have to spend 30 minutes removing gel polish or dip nails. You will save 20 minutes each time you use this kit. Not only time, but you will also save some money.

This gel nail and dip nail removal kit will save you money

If you have your gel polish or dip powder is taken off at your salon, it may cost you $10 each timeOpens in a new tab..

You would have to do this in 2 to 3 weeks, which comes out about 20 times a year, give or take.

So each year, you will spend $200 extra for all removal costs.

This removal kit costs under $20 and includes:

  1. 12 small, 12 medium and 12 large reusable finger cots can last up to 2 years.
  2. 48 inches of natural cotton that can be used for up to 40 removals.
  3. Salon quality nail buffer and nail file.
  4. A professional gel polish and dip nail remover.

Acetone is not included. You can buy it at a drug store near you, your local nail supply store, or online.

Another plus is this process requires a small amount of acetone, so it does not stink up your room if you do it at home.

This kit is available on ebayOpens in a new tab..


Now you know a great to remove gel nail polish or dip powder nails. I hope you will use this kit to do it at home. Not only is it quick, safe, easy, and you will save some money doing it yourself.

Your nails will stay strong and long.

Not to mention your nails will thank you for not hurting them.

You can buy this kit on Amazon so you can use it to get your dip powder nails or gel nail polish off safely and quickly the next time.

Have fun and protect your nails.

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